10 Years on
the Market
200+ Successful
70 Web
$10M Raised
by Clients
Platform revenue increased by 30% Works of Art
UK #Retail
Works of Art Works of Art is an NFT marketplace that allows young and unknown art creators to popularise and sell tokenized pieces or collections to their followers in the form of non-fungible tokens.
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Sped Up the Selling Process by 250% real estate marketplace
UK #Real Estate
Real Estate Auction Platform The real estate auction platform is a leading regional real estate company that helps clients buy and sell properties in the UK.
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Sped up the platform performance by 90% Property Rental Marketplace
UK #Real Estate
Property Rental Marketplace A real estate rental platform is a luxury apartment rental service located in the UK. The idea of the platform was invented back in 2015 but a finally formed project started its realization only in 2020.
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Acquired by Amazon Veeqo
UK #Transportation
Veeqo Veeqo is an inventory and shipping platform for e-commerce. It allows managing orders from multiple channels and keeping track of inventory from multiple warehouses.
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B2C Consulting Marketplace
B2C Consulting Marketplace This counseling marketplace connects job consultants with job-seekers and provides them with career – guidance services.
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Origin Research
UK #FinTech
Origin Research Origin Research is a FinTech company that allows its users to discover the analyzed financial data on high yield companies.
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15% audience growth CityFalcon
UK #FinTech
CityFALCON Voice Assistants Enabling the CityFalcon news aggregator with voice search through connecting 3 voice assistants.
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