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UK #Real Estate
HipHipStay HipHipStay is a luxury Airbnb-like apartment rental service located in Dublin.
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Raised over $4.4M Veeqo Case Study
UK #Transportation
Veeqo Veeqo is an inventory and shipping platform for e-commerce. It allows managing orders from multiple channels and keeping track of inventory from multiple warehouses.
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B2C Consulting Marketplace This counseling marketplace connects job consultants with job-seekers and provides them with career – guidance services.
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UK #FinTech
Origin Research Origin Research is a FinTech company that allows its users to discover the analyzed financial data on high yield companies.
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15% audience growth
UK #FinTech
CityFALCON Voice Assistants Enabling the CityFalcon news aggregator with voice search through connecting 3 voice assistants.
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UK #Media & PR
SwipeNews SwipeNews is an online news aggregator that analysis and collects news with machine learning text processing and natural language text processing.
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Raised over $2.5M
UK #FinTech
CityFALCON CityFALCON is a financial news aggregator that analyzes and collects financial tweets, news, and authors by using Natural Language Processing.
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