Acquired by Amazon

Raised over $ 9.4M overall

Processed £1 billion worth of orders

Veeqo is an omnichannel retail platform for various merchants. It allows you to manage your orders from multiple channels and keep track of inventory from multiple warehouses. It is possible to ship up to 100 orders in a single click and gain invaluable insights on the performance of your business.


Location: UK
Industry: Transportation

Product: Retail platform

The scope of our work: Full-stack (backend, frontend, DevOps)

Solutions: React, AWS Lambda, Stripe

Web site:



“One of the greatest things about working with you is that we are getting exactly what we are expecting, it is a very nice feature of yours.”

Daniel Vartanov CTO, Veeqo
Client Goal:

When we first met Veeqo, they needed to expand their team, which specialized in a very niche area of expertise.

Sloboda Studio’s goal was to develop user profiles in the retailers’ system, to create orders, and to generate invoices (from the beginning stages of a transaction to the moments right before shipping).

Therefore, our main goal was to develop the client-side interface.


Challenge # 1: Integration into Veeqo International Team

Veeqo is a huge project with a large international team, so we needed to cooperate with its many internal divisions to ensure a positive outcome.

Our Solution:

The main solution is great teamwork. The Veeqo team is highly successful when it comes to communication solving work-related issues. As a part of the Sloboda team integration, we had:


  • Agile Scrum work methodology
  • Tech lead sync-ups
  • General team meetings
  • Weekly meetings
  • Duty people assigned to technical issues


Challenge # 2: Front-end was built with different technologies

Initially, the front-end part was written by different developers and with various technologies. There were JavaScript, BackBone, and Marionette parts. This issue affected the coherence between developers.

Our Solution: 

To solve such a major problem, we started to integrate React.

We chose React as the best technology for our purposes, because:

  • It is a compact library, so it is great for HTML pages integration
  • It works well for single-page applications
  • It is popular, and we have extensive experience with it

Beyond these reasons, standardization is important, and using only one technology makes the working process faster and more simple. Currently, we utilize React for each new task and gradually rewrite the code to integrate with React.


Challenge # 3: Server overload

Because Veeqo has numerous customers, there are always a large number of invoices to process. To avoid overloading Veeqo’s servers, we needed to find a solution that could help us with invoice generation.

Our Solution:

To unload the product servers, we chose to use AWS Lambda, an Amazon web service. This decision has allowed us to generate and manage invoices without overloading the Veeqo servers.


Challenge # 4: Slow and time-consuming payment methods

Veeqo used to process payments manually. All the invoices used to be arranged via bank transfers, or via phone. This manual payment system required a lot of time and resources.

Our Solution:

To digitalize payments on the Veeqo platform, we decided to integrate the Stripe payment system, as it allows the use of different types of payments and is convenient for both the Veeqo team and Veeqo customers.


Project Stages

The working process is fully based on Agile Scrum principles. Once a week, our team has a meeting with Veeqo’s business owner.

The following week, we present the finalized results. After they are successfully tested, they then proceed to production.


The great thing about working with Veeqo is that everyone has a chance to contribute to the project’s improvement. Sloboda studio’s team is not only writing a code—they are also communicating with other development teams, sharing professional advice and expertise.


New development to our business practice involves a single team member having sole responsibility for all technical issues that may appear in a given week. 

On a weekly basis, all of Veeqo’s team leads choose developers to be responsible for handling customer requests and solving all the technical issues that appear throughout the week. 

These one-call engineers not only help customers but also make it possible for the rest of the team to effectively finish tasks without any unexpected distractions.




  • Started integration of React (as a front-end solution) and Stripe (as a payment system).
  • Connected AWS Lambda to unload Veeqo’s servers
  • Used Agile Scrum, one-call engineers, and our own expertise and initiative for effective communication


Veeqo is trusted by hundreds of retail brands, including Dove, Harry Potter, Brompton, Joseph, TOG24, Lovisa, Capterra, Trustpilot, etc.

  • £1 billion worth of orders were processed through Veeqo in 2018.
  • 2015-2016: raised up to $ 2,5 million.
  • March 2019: raised over $ 4 million.


Veeqo - Orders page

Veeqo -Orders Page


Veeqo - Creating an invoice

Veeqo – Creating an invoice


Veeqo - Adding a new order

Veeqo – Adding a new order


Veeqo - Order’s page

Veeqo – Order’s page


Our process

February 2019 - January 2020

1 Team Lead / Full stack; 2 Backend developers; 1 Frontend developer; 1 Tech consultant / DevOps / project CTO
Technologies we used
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)
Docker SWARM

Amazon Webservices


New Relic



Success Stories

Processes 5,000 calls/day Callme bot
#Transportation USA

CallMeBot is a phone bot created to automate the sales processes of a British car dealer.

First Marketplace for Scooter Rides in Los Angeles Split
#Transportation USA

First Uber-like application for scooter rides in Los Angeles.


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