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    Why Choose our UI and UX Designers?

    • Strong Team of UI/UX Designers
    • Extensive Expertise
    • Established In-House Standards
    • Efficient UI Design Process
    • Faster Design Delivery
    Why Choose our UI and UX Designers?

    Top 16 UX designers in Estonia

    Enhance Your Website with Brilliant UI/UX
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    Our UI/UX Design Services

    • High Quality Prototypes

      We create prototypes that showcase visual elements and provide a realistic user experience. Our testing and quick adjustments save time and resources, delivering optimal results that meet your expectations.

    • Wireframes and Mockups

      Our experts create detailed wireframes and mockups, serving as a blueprint for functional content during development. Our visuals and branding ensure satisfaction and clear communication, simplifying development and reducing complexities.

    • Mobile and Web UI Design

      We create engaging and easy-to-use UI designs for mobile and web platforms. Our customized designs provide seamless navigation and dynamic interactions for a refined interface. Our top priority is accessibility, ensuring the best user experience across devices and screen sizes.

    • Cross-Platform Compatible Design

      Our team of experts creates smooth and responsive interfaces on all platforms, whether mobile, web, or desktop. Our designs are consistent with branding and work seamlessly across devices, giving all users a consistent experience regardless of platform.

    • Technical Design

      We provide technical design solutions that prioritize scalability and performance. Our streamlined approach ensures efficient and high-quality results, making product development hassle-free.

    • Software Redesign

      We redesign outdated software systems to improve their performance. We analyze the current system and prioritize modern user experience concepts to create updated solutions with efficient functionality and high aesthetic standards.

    • Usability Testing

      We gather feedback through user testing to ensure customer satisfaction. Our approach focuses on functionality, ease of use, and effective problem-solving strategies for a seamless user experience.

    • Data-Driven Design

      We gather data on their experiences with similar tech to design a product for different users. We analyze this information to ensure our products are accessible and relevant to a broader audience.

    See our Clutch reviews

    "They understood quickly what we needed."

    "In just a few weeks, Sloboda Studio redesigned project right, and it functioned as expected. The client rarely encountered issues, and the vendor was responsive to any feedback and necessary business improvements. They communicated through digital calls, emails, and Slack, and they were efficient in executing the right work plan."

    CEO, Advertising Agency

    "They remember our problems and are always ready to work with us."

    "The redesigned website functioning without crashing and features a fresh new design (redesign), meeting the right custom goals of the business clients. Sloboda Studio is quick to respond, fixing any arising services issues with great speed. The redesign team works to understand the problems the client is facing to best remedy them."

    Anastasiya Lyubomirowna, Co-Founder, Orange Club

    Our Approach to UI/UX Design

    Our Approach to UI/UX Design Our Approach to UI/UX Design
    • Market Research & Analysis
    • Concept Presentation
    • UI/UX Wireframing and Prototyping
    • Fully Functional UX/UI
    • Prototype Testing
    • Front-end Development
    • UI/UX Testing Process
    • Continuous Improvement and Maintenance

    We Provide UI and UX Design Services for Various Clients

    UI/UX design is crucial for businesses to enhance user satisfaction and boost expansion by creating engaging and easy-to-use interfaces.

    Small & Mid-Sized Businesses
    Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

    Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

  • Enhance user satisfaction and loyalty
  • Get competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Funded Startups
    Funded Startups

    Funded Startups

  • Attract and retain investors
  • Gain a competitive edge in the market
  • Success Stories

    DAO case
    #UX/UI Design
    Feather case
    #UX/UI Design
    Real estate auction platform case
    #UX/UI Design
    Discovery works page
    #UX/UI Design

    Ulrik W. Nash
    Ulrik W. Nash
    PhD, Denmark
    I have been very pleased with Sloboda Studio. On the surface, the idea behind Aquinium looks simple; invite people to make judgments about things depicted in uploaded images, and get them to trade with each other, or with AI agents, based on differences of opinions about these things. On further examination, however, numerous key problems become obvious. Most importantly, players need to be uniquely matched with each other, and with images, and this must happen quickly. Also, the solution needs to be robust to numerous contingencies to avoid compromising the data gathered for my scientific inquiry. Finally, the solution must fulfill that requirement, while being highly scalable to accommodate the loads created by many people playing simultaneously.

    I think Sloboda Studio has solved this problem well, given the actual examinations I have performed until now. Moreover, based on Sloboda Studio’s own examination of load testing using bots, they inform me the system can accommodate many more than those 80 people I have had playing simultaneously so far. As for the service side of things, Sloboda Studio’s project management has quite simply exceeded my expectations. Well done to the team!
    Read case study
    Dan Serfaty
    Dan Serfaty
    President of Artur’​In Paris, France
    I'm very happy to work with Sloboda Studio. They are reliable, flexible and trustworthy. The team has proved their expertise in all the required domains. I am absolutely sure: we can do a great product together, as we’ve done so many things already!
    Read case study

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the importance of UI/UX design for my product or website?

    Considering the UI/UX design when creating your website or product is crucial. UI/UX design directly impacts user satisfaction, engagement, and conversions. Effective design enhances usability, creates positive experiences, and establishes your brand’s credibility and competitiveness.

    How do you ensure cross-platform compatibility in UI/UX design?

    We ensure that our UI/UX design is compatible across different platforms using responsive design techniques. 


    We also conduct extensive testing on various devices and screen sizes. 


    Additionally, we incorporate adaptive layouts and scalable components to ensure users have a smooth experience on all platforms.

    How do you approach market research and analysis in UI/UX design?

    Our market research and analysis approach in UI/UX design involves the following:

    • Gathering insights about the target audience.
    • Analyzing competitors.
    • Studying industry trends.
    • Aligning design decisions with user preferences and market demands.

    What level of collaboration can I expect during the UI/UX design process?

    Throughout the UI/UX design process, we prioritize collaboration and involve you every step of the way. We value your input and work closely with you to ensure the final design aligns with your vision. You can expect regular updates and opportunities to provide feedback.

    What role does user testing play in the UI/UX design process?

    User testing is vital as part of the UI/UX design process. It validates design decisions, identifies usability issues, collects user feedback, and guarantees that the final product meets user expectations and needs.

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