Project Management services

We are a company offering project management services.
Our specialists know how to optimize the work on your product in order to make it perfect


Even the work of the most professional developers must be coordinated, and project managers are in charge of doing this. If you are looking for a person to handle the workflow on your product, you have come to the right place – Sloboda studio provides project management services as well as development ones.

The responsibilities of this team member are:

Initiating the project
If you want your project to be successful, it is essential that you understand the business needs of the client and the end customers. Project manager is a person who analyzes the business model and offers technical solutions for it
Providing risk management
During 8 years we worked with different types of projects and saw a lot of mistakes that could be done while developing the product. We’re going to foresee and prevent them
Project manager coordinates team efforts in achieving the goal in the shortest time with the highest quality
Crisis management
If something goes wrong, we stick to the constructive approach, make fast and effective decisions
Controlling the progress
We’re making sure that the project meets the deadlines and expectations
Being the single contact point
In case of any issues the client has one responsible person who gathers all information and assigns the task to the right person
Planning resources and development schedule
Time costs money. We have experience that allows us to make estimations, plan process in order to avoid delays, arrange specialists with the necessary skills, arrange experts for consultancy
Reporting status
Transparency – is one of the values of Sloboda studio. Communication is built in a way to present clearly actual state of the project in the most convenient way from text reports to live demos

Our principles are

Getting things done
Taking care of the client and the business


Business Analysis
Determining scope
Development schedule
Development demo of the ready functionality after every iteration


In our work we use Agile practices, which help to provide early delivery, easy adjustment to changing requirements and continuous improvement of the product based on given feedback

Framework that breaks a bulk project into sprints. Each sprint brings a feeling of tangible progress. It is specially useful when a full detailed description of a project and designs/wireframe are available


Why Scrum?

It is a visible and transparent methodology that lowers costs, and increases team’s accountability, which facilitates monitoring of workflow. It also helps run the project smoothly by making tasks easier and enhancing the project’s workflow

Agile approach to software development that gives great flexibility. It is useful when the project requirements and priorities change often and when fixed timeframes are unsustainable


Why Kanban?

Kanban is easy to understand and enhances flow of delivery, shortens the time cycles of each process


Bug and Ticket Tracking
Collaboration and Conferencing
Time Tracking
  • Always in touch – minimum 5 hours / day online
  • Answer within a day
  • Strict meeting deadlines
  • 30+ Ruby and front-end developers
  • 8 years of experience
  • High rates at top freelance marketplaces (Clutch, Upwork)
  • Our company has successfully completed more than 100 projects for our customers from Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and others

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