Applift BI

What is AppLift? AppLift is one of the leaders on mobile advertising market, who helps mobile app advertisers, where they can take control on every stage of their app marketing lifecycle.

How AppLift BI works? Applift BI provide descriptive and prescriptive analytics solution. The main idea is to assist the operation teams to function more efficiently and focus on what creates a true value. Applift BI advanced to “Actionable BI” in which they develop actionable solution such as cost optimization, recommendation engine and more.

How they do it:

  • Integrating data from different sources (internal and external into their Data warehouse)
  • Developing dashboard and detailed analytics solutions
  • Enable analytics outputs into different distribution channels
  • Develop data based applications to optimize traffic control in real-time
Uzi Blum VP Business Intelligence and Analytics at AppLift
Hi to everyone, I would like to share my experience working with Sloboda Studio. Pavel and his team are doing a great job working on our projects. They constantly delivering quickly and efficiently new solution and new features. We have great communication and the Sloboda team is constantly coming up with new ideas for improvement. Based on my experience working with Sloboda, I would highly recommend to work with them!

client’s goals

What we do here, and first of all main task was and is to help automate decision taking and data availability. AppLift is constantly growing and their clients are constantly becoming more demanding for better solutions and traffic quality. Therefor Applift BI require smart automation to work with their partners and customers. We are constantly challenging ourselves to meet Applift’s timelines, as the industry is constantly evolving and to stay relevant we have to assist them reacting fast.

our solutions

Before we start to work with AppLift BI, we learn how our client’s business for better understanding the process, and it was astonishing for us because the team of AppLift includes more than 250 workers all over the world from San Francisco to Tokyo, and all of them were working like a Swiss watch. That’s why during the work process, there almost weren’t any problems within communication and operation process.

Our developers have daily calls with the customer for coordination working process. They are completely involved in the working methods and modes of AppLift such as Scrum, continuous planning, code review, automated testing, etc.

project stages

1. Initial stage

Analysis of customer’s business mode

Architecture planning

2. Improved MVP

Design improvement

Building a scalable architecture

New Processing

Connecting GNIP API

Basic Scoring algorithm

3. Private Beta

Enterprise API

Scoring algorithm improvement

UX analysis

4. Public Beta

Scalable infrastructure

Voice devices

Optimization of response time

Scoring algorithm 2.0

Increasing the number of data sources and topics’ coverage


Mongo DB
Google Cloud


January 2017 Now


2 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer | 1 QA
Project Results

Our developers worked with dynamical template, which collect info from different chart from different database and generate letters. All this letter used data mapping, which collect all data for mailing list. Also they are working with special service which able to calculates fraudulent actions by publishers on the basis of certain rules.

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