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What is AppLift? AppLift is one of the leaders on mobile advertising market, who helps mobile app advertisers, where they can take control on every stage of their app marketing lifecycle.

How AppLift BI works? The main idea is to help solve problems that challenged by all mobile app marketers, how to find enough potential users for their mobile application for the best and cheapest price.

How they do it:

  • AppLift closes work with DataLift 360
  • Develops dashboard and detailed analytics solutions
  • Data synthesis and database administration
  • Supporting and control existing analytics clarification and manage bug fixing
  • Generation ideas and gathering to the successful implementation


Uzi Blum

VP Business Intelligence and Analytics at AppLift

Hi to everyone, I just want to give feedback for my our work with Sloboda Studio. Pavel and his team did a great job for our project, and they are enthusiastic for solving any problems during the workflow, and we had perfect harmony and it was a delight to work with them. And in my own opinion, I will definitely recommend Sloboda Studio to everyone.

Our goal

What we do here, and first of all main task was and is to help automatized data processing, because today AppLift BI reaches more than 1 billion users all over the world, and among the data is more than 6000 queries per entire second, that provides more than 60 billion impressions every day. And that’s why automatization makes the system faster and more effective.

Challenges and solutions

Before we start to work with AppLift BI, we learn how our client’s business for better understanding the process, and it was astonishing for us because the team of AppLift includes more than 500 workers all over the world from San Francisco to Tokyo, and all of them were working like a Swiss watch. That’s why during the work process, there almost weren’t any problems within communication and operation process.  

Our developers have daily calls with the customer for coordination working process. They are completely involved in the working methods and modes of AppLift such as scrum, continuous planning, code review, automated testing, etc.

Scope of services

Icon CS
Software development and engineering

2 back end developers





Mongo DB


Google Cloud

Project Results

Our developers worked with dynamical template, which collect info from different chart from different database and generate letters. All this letter used data mapping, which collect all data for mailing list. Also they are working with special service which able to calculates fraudulent actions by publishers on the basis of certain rules.

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