Raised €47.5M

Artur’In (AI) is an online community manager and a social media management tool that launches targeted campaigns, such as newsletters and personalized content specific to your network. It also tracks and measures engagement, and gives you a precise picture of your marketing efforts.

Artur’In allows you to create mini-sites for your company, manage multiple social media accounts, plan your campaigns, and auto post newsletters and other personalized content to potential and existing customers, selecting any date and time.


Location: France
Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Product: Social media management tool

The scope of our work: backend/frontend/design

Solutions: MVP

Web site:


I'm very happy to work with Sloboda Studio. They are reliable, flexible and trustworthy. The team has proved their expertise in all the required domains. I am absolutely sure: we can do a great product together, as we’ve done so many things already!
Dan Serfaty President of Artur’​In Paris, France
Client Goal:

Our client wanted to create an MVP that would showcase the primary benefits of the product. We met our client at the idea stage of the project, so we’ve built it entirely from scratch.


Main Features

The MVP included the ability to:

  • create an account
  • import customers’ contacts into Artur Inside, and link their social accounts through integration with social media
  • collect social media data, including people who have shared, liked, or commented on posts
  • provide maximum information about customer leads, predict future community growth, and track lead interests to create more accurately targeted content.


Based on users’ feedback we were able to design architecture that contains no hard code, which lets us add any new feature 2-3 times faster than before.


Top Challenges
#1 Challenge:

Post and newsletter scheduling

We had to ensure the accuracy of posts and newsletter scheduling to avoid duplication of posts and newsletters, both for any individual customer and among customers in general.



We have honed a scheduling algorithm that limits posting to the pre-selected sequence.


#2 Challenge:

KPIs measurement

To measure the KPIs of the campaigns, we developed clean statistic tools that filter bots and provide true, accurate data from mini sites, newsletters, and social posts.


Project Stages
  • Analysis of customer’s business model
  • Architecture planning


  • Design improvement
  • Building a scalable architecture
  • Social content processing and planning algorithms


  • Mobile and advanced APIs
  • Planning and data collection algorithm improvements


  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Optimized social post planning, depending on customer’s geographical location and personal needs



On September 9, 2016, we successfully released our MVP, the same month we launched our Private Beta. In October, we went live with our Public Beta.

Now we are collecting feedback and developing a new feature – a Custom Social Post tool that allows Artur Inside users to create their own content including a post, image, and link to a website or social media.

Three months after the launch, Artur Inside and Sloboda increased sales by 110%.

In 2017 (after one year of development), Artur Inside delivered a mobile application, and advanced API for customers that are interested in processed content, provided flexible content creation, processing, and monitoring tools, and created an automated content collection process.

Artur Inside has raised a total of €47.5M.


Our process

October 2016 - 2018

4 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer | 1 QA
Technologies we used
CI - Jenkins
Sidekiq + Redis
Bootswatch bootstrap
Google Analytics API
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)

Amazon Webservices

Facebook API

Gmail API

Hotmail API

LinkedIn API

Sendgrid API

Twitter API

Viadeo API

Yahoo API

Zendesk API

Success Stories

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