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CASE STUDY Artur Inside

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Artur Inside (AI) ( is a community manager and a social network sharing tool that launches targeted campaigns (newsletters and personalized content) to your network, tracks and measures engagement, and gives you a precise picture of your marketing efforts.

You can create mini sites for your company, manage your social accounts, plan your campaigns, autopost newsletters and unique personalised content to your potential and existing customers, selecting any date and time. With Artur Inside, social media will be at your fingertips!


Dan Serfaty

President of Artur Inside Paris, France

I'm very happy to work with Sloboda Studio. They are reliable, flexible and trustworthy. The team has proved their expertise in all the required domains. I am absolutely sure: we can do a great product together, as we’ve done so many things already!

Our goal

We started the project from the meticulous analysis of the customer’s business model. Our first goal was to create an MVP that would showcase main features of the product. The MVP included the possibility to create an account, import customers’ contacts into Artur Inside, and link their social accounts, i.e. it had integration with social media. Now, with our Public Beta in place, each customer belongs to a vertical (initially 2 verticals, real estate agents and accountants, then at least 8 verticals are planned by 2017), supplied with a personalized content. Our customers have their own back office to plan and manage their marketing activities (sent newsletters and social posts), tracking the results. A minisite (business profile) at Artur Inside presents unique content and social posts of the company and helps them collect leads.

Challenges and solutions

Creating an MVP always implies adding new features, based on feedback from investors and customers. To gain this so much needed flexibility, we spent a lot of effort preparing the best possible architecture for the product and succeeded: now, with our cleverly designed architecture that contains no hard code, we can add any new feature 2-3 times faster than before. It also helped us get ready for the scaling up.

Developing a community and content manager with such a huge amount of personalized content, we had to elaborate a wise scheduling. We deployed the best talents (marketing experts, QA, UX/UI staff) both in our team and in Artur Inside to prepare a perfect schedule for auto posts (date and time).

. We also had to ensure a pinpoint accuracy of posts and newsletters scheduling, avoiding duplications of posts and newsletters both for any individual customer and among the customers in general. We have honed a scheduling algorithm that keeps the posting to the preselected sequence.

To measure the KPIs of the campaigns, we developed clean statistic tools that filter bots and provides true, accurate data from mini sites, newsletters and social posts.

Scope of services

Dedicated team of 5 members

Quality assurance services (automated testing)

Technical consulting

Marketing consulting

Business analytics




CI - Jenkins
Sidekiq + Redis

Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)



Bootswatch bootstrap
Google Analytics API


Amazon Webservices
Facebook API
Gmail API
Hotmail API
LinkedIn API
Sendgrid API
Twitter API
Viadeo API
Yahoo API
Zendesk API

Project Results

On September 9, 2016, we successfully released our MVP, the same month we launched our Private Beta. In October we went live with our Public Beta.

Now we are collecting feedbacks and developing a new feature – Custom Social Post tool, so that Artur Inside users could create their own content (post+image+link to a website or social media).

In 3 months after the launch, Artur Inside and Sloboda achieved 110% of the sales. AI is on track to have 1200 paying customers by the end of 2017.