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Sloboda Studio
Web development with care

TOP ruby on rails development company Worldwide

32 Reviews on
Sloboda Studio is a team of leading
web and ruby developers

We appreciate working with this company. Sloboda Studio has great experience in specific technologies. Slava Pocheptsov Tech Manager, at Cambridge Brain Sciences, Canada
One of the greatest things about working with Sloboda is that we are getting exactly what we are expecting. Daniel Vartanov CTO at Veeqo
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Featured Expertise

As a web & mobile development firm, we create different projects. But there
are some areas we focus on the most.
Real Estate

Real Estate Software Development

Want to digitalize or automate your real estate business?

We've been building real estate software for 6 years: from Airbnb-like platforms to ERP systems. We know how to do it.

It's no coincidence that Real Estate is the industry of focus for Sloboda Studio.

Two of Sloboda Studio's owners are country-leading real estate entrepreneurs. They are always open to sharing their experience and helping clients with bringing their ideas to life.

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Team Extension

Team Extension

Strengthen your team with our experience and expertise.

We've been helping companies enhance their team with our specialists for over 11 years across different domains.

We take hiring a new specialist very seriously and check both hard and soft skills.

Each candidate goes through a 5-step screening process. That's why you only get highly skilled talents handpicked in a complex recruiting process.

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Online Marketplace Development

Do you want to create a marketplace for your core business? Are you building a marketplace startup?

Online marketplaces are definitely the leader in digital business. Last year online marketplaces became the leaders in fundraising.

Sloboda Studio has been developing various kinds of online platforms over the past 8 years.

Though Sloboda is mainly known as a Ruby on Rails agency, we also build online marketplaces using Python.
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Initially founded as an RoR agency, year by year Sloboda expands its expertise with modern technologies. As such, we opened an AI department 4 years ago.

AI can be applied to almost every industry and business domain. It can personalize customers’ experiences and automate processes.

By using AI, your online platform will be able to predict and recommend services or products to users, set correct prices, and adjust them in response to market changes, improve customer support and predict fraud.

2+ years average partnership duration

Clients say
Ruzbeh Bacha

Ruzbeh Bacha

Founder and CEO, of CityFALCON, UK
“Sloboda Studio is a consulting company that has helped to scale up the business very rapidly with its Ruby on Rails development services.
They delivered a high-quality product, paying particular attention to the testing phase.”
Gautam Chandna

Gautam Chandna

CEO at Skiwo AS Oslo, Norway
Sloboda Studio's quality and breadth of talent secured a long-term partnership. They've helped catalyze an eightfold growth in revenue annually. The team features an array of uniquely skilled technical specialists.
Uzi Blum

Uzi Blum

VP Technology at AppLift, Germany
Pavel and his Ruby on Rails development company Sloboda are doing a great job working on our projects. They constantly delivering quickly and efficiently new solution and new features. Based on my experience working with Sloboda, I would highly recommend to work with them!

Extend your team with Sloboda Studio

Assemble your team with the best expertise in back-end, front-end, quality assurance,
Data Science and project management to accelerate the effectiveness of your development


We Hire best talents


We Offer not resources, but expertise


We Provide your with the total control over your success

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Featured Technologies

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, also know as RoR, is a top web app development framework of the Ruby programming language. Rails is truly a star of custom web development and often called the most “startup” technology by enabling quick product launches.
Sloboda Studio is a niche Ruby on rails development agency and has 40 RoR experts that know how to lead projects to success.
Used by
  • Airbnb
  • Shopify
  • Couchsurfing
  • BlaBlaCar
  • Kickstarter
  • Aliexpress
Used by
  • Alibaba
  • Apptree
  • Google Ads
  • Tencent
  • Google Greentea


Flutter is a revolutionary mobile framework created at Google.
  • You can use one code for your IOs and Android apps
  • Fast front-end development
  • SEO Friendly Features
  • Super flexibility
Working with Flutter since its release in 2017.

React JS

React. Js development is indeed fast. Invented at Facebook, React became a must- have for modern front-end development. This library helps to simplify the user interface.
  • Friendly UI
  • Fast front-end development
  • SEO Friendly Features
  • Super flexibility
Used by
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • New York Times
  • Netflix
  • Yahoo
  • WhatsApp
  • Dropbox

“The product has exceeded the expectations of internal stakeholders. The professionalism and responsiveness of Sloboda Studio set them apart from other firms. Sloboda Studio deployed a fluid project management structure to facilitate a seamless development process that included regular feedback.”

Daniel Vartanov

ex-CTO at Veeqo, UK

$20M raised by our clients

Success Stories

Raised $20M
Germany #Marketing & Advertising

Applift BI

AppLift is a German leader in the mobile advertising market, who helps mobile app advertisers, where they can take control on every stage of their app marketing lifecycle. Read more
UK #FinTech


CityFALCON is a financial news aggregator that analyzes and collects financial tweets, news, and authors by using Natural Language Processing. Read more
Raised over $2.5M
Raised over $2M TikkTalk
Norway #Media & PR

TikkTalk (Skiwo AS)

Skiwo (TikkTalk) is B2G and B2C online marketplace for interpreting services. Read more

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