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Creyos (ex Cambridge Brain Sciences) is a leading provider of simple and engaging online brain health assessment solutions for healthcare providers and is based on 25+ years of scientific research in more than 150 countries.


Creyos assessments are used by global world healthcare and research leaders such as Cambridge University, Western University, Pfizer, Roche, and Baycrest. 


Creyos has two business-to-business cognitive assessment platforms: Creyos Health and Creyos Research. 


Location: Canada
Industry: Healthcare

Product: web application

The scope of our work: back-end, front-end

Solutions: building a B2B cognitive platform

Web site:



We are very satisfied with Sloboda Studio team. We appreciate working with this company. Sloboda Studio has great experience in specific technologies. Their managers were always very supportive of different aspects of our cooperation.
Slava Pocheptsov Tech Manager
Client Goal:

The client wanted to build a new B2B platform Creyos from scratch and add new features to a public-facing research platform, BrainLabs.


Main Features

1) New Admin Account:

This feature is created for clinics that want to check their patient’s brain health.

The administrators at a clinic can add practitioners to the account.

The two-factor registration system was created to protect user data and fully comply with HIPAA standards. After an administrator creates a profile, a user is provided with a link to set their own password.

cbs practitioner


Practitioners register their patients and get access to clear patient reports. Each practitioner can view only their patients’ profiles, cognitive assessments, and results from additional questionnaires. Patients can’t view the result of an assessment unless practitioners send it to them with advice on clinical guidelines.

cbs reports

The Sloboda team always considers quality control and the user interface when creating new reports. Thus, Creyos patients can receive simple PDF reports tailored to the three available languages due to our teamwork.


2) Patient Profile

Practitioners can create a new patient with the ability to select three languages (English, Spanish, and French). When they choose the language, the patient receives reports written in the desired language using the translation management function.

Our team provided Creyos patients with an overall available assessment review.

create a new assessment

Practitioners can administer an assessment via email messages.

CBS: assessment details


The Sloboda Studio team made the feature of requesting more assessments and also viewing assessment details.

CBS: select patient assessment


3) Protocols

Protocols are groups of questionnaires and cognitive tasks. Cognitive assessments  consist of up to 12 cognitive tasks 1,5–3 minutes each based on four domains:
– Memory
– Reasoning
– Verbal ability
– Concentration

Practitioners can check additional questionnaires or sets of cognitive tasks to create a protocol with a seamless patient experience that can be completed in one integrated flow.


Practitioners can administer the assessment on a device provided for the patient in-person, via email, or by copying a link out of Creyos Health to paste in their communication channel.

cbs reports

On the next page, practitioners can choose the type of protocol they want to create: custom protocol or in-built saved ones.


Practitioners also can choose the form of the future assessments: individual or grouped.

cbs assessments

Then, practitioners choose two tasks for patients: questionnaires and cognitive tasks.

cbs health platform

As soon as the patients receive the email notifications, click on the “start now” link. At the beginning of every questionnaire, patients receive high-level instructions. 

cbs assessment start


4) Questionnaires and cognitive tasks

Questionnaires and tasks are tools for checking patients’ mental health and cognitive function.

For the cognitive tasks, the Sloboda Studio team helped Creyos create a high-level system that constantly mixes the items within the tasks so that patients never see the same task twice.

cbs tasks

cbs cognitive tasks

5) Automated assessment schedules
Automated schedules allow the practitioners to set up a sequence of assessments sent automatically to patients via email on a frequency defined by the doctor.


This feature is useful when patients need to be monitored for brain health even after leaving the clinic.



6) New Creyos Health report

As soon as the patient completes each assessment in the protocol, the reports will be automatically evaluated, generated, and saved to medical practitioner accounts in PDF format. For practitioners to access the report, they click on the patient and see the results.

Task Validity Overview: demonstrates whether performance on a task is objectively valid.
Meaningful Change Overview: indicates when a task  score has changed significantly from the baseline and the most recent taken task
Updated raw score trends graph: includes dates and percentile ranks for each data point
Updated task descriptions show how the task results are related to the patients’ everyday activities and demonstrate progress over time.

All the received data helps doctors build more comprehensive and informed treatment plans.

assessment reports

Patients can receive reports from practitioners in three possible languages: English, French, and Spanish. The language is selected when a practitioner creates a patient profile.
Patients receive a personalized description of their results based on the range their scores fall within.

7) Email and message notifications

receiving notifications when the patient has completed the task
– sending notifications according to the timezone and daylight saving time
– sending patients reminders to finish the task
– automated emails and messages distribution

8) Custom-branded assessment feature

Sloboda Studio team built custom-branded assessment ability that provides more customized and branded experience when administering patient assessments:
– clinics can place their logo on the assessment email and alter the email copy
– clinics or doctors can add the logo to the page with cognitive health assessment
– clinics’ logos can be placed in the report that is formed after finishing an assessment 

cbs for hospitals and clinics


9) Data exporting and Importing

Our team has created a function that exports data on the tasks performed by patients.

Also, we have developed a feature that allows practitioners to request data on the completion of questionnaires. This became possible with the help of a Python script that will enable admins to get data and save it in a database or send it straight to the practitioners.

10) GDPR compliance

Creyos has always maintained high standards of personal data security.
Since GDPR was released in 2018, our team had to adjust the Creyos platform to new requirements of this regulation, including users’ ability to delete and download their data.

11)  Front-end redesign

To optimize the work of the back-end and front-end, the СBS platform changed React to 3 libraries such as Turbo, Stimulus, and Tailwind.

All these three libraries facilitate the interaction of the interface and server parts of the Creyos platform, allowing them to improve the platform’s performance and transfer web screens to various user devices.

12) Connecting Ruby to Python

We connected Ruby with Python, which helps simplify and speed up the processing of mathematical calculations and outputs more accurate reports for practitioners and patients.

13) New sales manager role

Due to the expansion of the Creyos team, it was necessary to introduce a new user role: sales manager. They are responsible for concluding contracts with clinics and further billing.

The Sloboda Studio team helped Creyos create limited access for various users to the platform, which is carried out using S3 and AWS buckets.

14) Rails transition from standard to domain structure

This transition became necessary for creating a disjointed domain system for the Creyos platform.

Top Challenges
#1 Challenge:

Data Security
Security is the number one priority in the healthcare industry. Since Creyos stores a lot of clients’ data, our team had to make sure that all the data is securely protected and fully meets the HIPAA requirements.



Limited access for different user roles

In accordance with the law on consumer protection, the Creyos platform delimits the access of administrators, sales managers, clinics, and patients to information. Clinics can only see and view their own doctors. Doctors can only have access to their own patients. In turn, patients can only receive information about their personal results. At the same time, all user data in the database is strictly encrypted, and a two-factor authorization system is used to log in to the sales manager’s account.

#2 Challenge: 

Original code issues 

Lots of successful startups happen to have issues with the initial code the project was built with.

When we met Creyos, they already had numerous users and were expanding their client’s database, so it became clear that the platform won’t cope with so many users and requests. Thus, Creyos came to the necessity of improving the original code for further growth.



Refactoring helps restructure the existing code. While doing refactoring, we fixed the existing bugs, making the code more clear and readable. Now it is easier to maintain and extend the Creyos platforms.


#3 Challenge: 

System overload

Creyos is a huge cognitive platform that has processed over 10 million tasks and keeps processing a large number of requests daily. The problem of potential system overload became crucial since such an overload could damage the platform.



We created several processes – the web, background and scheduled tasks.

For web tasks, we use Amazon EC2, which web-scale cloud computing development. There are different tasks on Amazon that we’ve created: web, background and scheduled tasks. The web tasks and background tasks with the common base are processed separately.

Say, the user wants to download a lot of data on the web. What we do is transfer this request to the background tasks. This is how we do not overload the web application.

We’ve built the platform in such a way that there are many independent parts. So, if one part ever stops working, others won’t collapse at the same time.



The Sloboda Studio team has helped Creyos create a new B2B medical cognitive assessment platform from scratch and scale this platform with such features as:
1) Admin Account
2) Patient Profile
3) Protocols
4) Questionnaires and cognitive tasks
5) Automated assessment schedule
6) New Creyos Health reports
7) Notifications
8) Custom-branded assessment function
9) Data exporting and reporting 
10) Front-end redesign
11) Connection Ruby with Python
12) New Sales manager role
13) GDPR compliance
14) Rails monolith structure transition to domain structure

Nowadays Creyos is a powerful health platform that has already helped thousands of healthcare providers globally to get their patients’ cognitive and mental health assessments and the number of users keeps growing. The Creyos platform is used by mid-sized and large medical centers.

As of 2021, Creyos has over 10 million completed tasks globally.

Furthermore, researchers using Creyos tasks have published in the most authoritative scientific journals, such as The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine, Neuron, and Nature.

The company plans to raise $2M from Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster in 2021.

Currently, our team is working on the further development of Creyos platforms and is planning to build even more new features.


Our process

2017 - now

PM | 1 full-stack developer, 2 back-end developers
Technologies we used
Braintree Payments
JSON web token
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)
Amazon Lambda

Amazon SES





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