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Hudson Medical + Wellness is a medical practice based in New York City. Since opening in 2010, the main goal of Hudson Medical + Wellness has been to revolutionize healthcare. With this goal in mind, Hudson Medical + Wellness sought out ways to elevate their patient experience, which led to the implementation of this project.

Since opening, the practice has expanded and continues to provide New Yorkers with comprehensive treatment at their premier health and wellness center. The key specialties of Hudson Medical + Wellness are pain management, neurology, sports medicine, regenerative medicine, functional medicine, IV therapies, and a combination of holistic treatments with physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and medical-massage.

Location: USA
Industry: Healthcare

Product: Web and mobile application development

The scope of our work: Front-End, Back-End, Mobile

Solutions: Athena Health Integration, appointment booking system, front desk admin panel

Web site:

Client goal

When we met our client, the Hudson Medical + Wellness product needed some upgrades related to the clinic’s patients and staff management, and appointment bookings. 

Besides, Hudson Medical + Wellness needed a mobile application that was user friendly and IOS and Android compatible for clients. 

Implemented features
Athena Health integration

To manage the process and store the patients’ data, doctors’ working hours, departments, queues, and connect doctors with the patients, we integrated Hudson Medical + Wellness with Athena Health a US cloud-based health record system. Such an ecosystem can gradually simplify the health platform’s processes.

Admin system for the clinic staff

We upgraded the web version and admin panel, making it more convenient for the doctors. Using Athena Health API, we upgraded an admin panel by adding the core functionality for the doctors. The upgraded admin system allowed doctors to add the clinic departments they are working in, receive the clients’ data and the information about their wellbeing or symptoms, track the statistics about patients’ health and medication progress, process and store the data about each Hudson Medical + Wellness patient.

Web and mobile application

Sloboda Studio’s work on Hudson Medical + Wellness consisted of two main parts: mobile and web application development. An enhanced web version was needed for the doctors, so they can receive and study the information about the patients’ health, while the mobile version was needed for the patients, so they can add data about their health condition and book appointments with the doctors.

Pain submission feature

This feature was implemented in a mobile app for customers. Using this feature daily, the patients can submit the data with their overall pain score and indicate the location of the pain. The doctors can see the statistics about each patient’s health and prescribe the required medication.

Appointment booking

That feature allows the patients to book an appointment with a preferable doctor. Using Athena API and Acuity, we make it possible for Hudson Medical + Wellness clients to see the doctor’s available time slots, choose the desired and free time, and book appointments via both mobile and web applications. Once an appointment is booked, this time slot becomes not available for the other patients.

Appointment requests

Until recently, an appointment booking feature was only available for registered users. We were asked to make the appointment booking more accessible for unregistered users. To create a fast solution, we connected the Cognito Forms tool, which gathered requests from the Hudson Medical website and sent them to Hudson360.

Cognito Forms allows doctors to create and customize the forms with all the needed information about a patient before an appointment. The patients, in their turn, submit these forms and a system parses the form information to create a request for Hudson Medical. The clinic staff processes this data and offers the patients a convenient appointment time.

This feature improved the accessibility of the appointment booking feature and empowered user acquisition.


Clinic Wait Times online queue

As Hudson Medical + Wellness is a network of clinics, there are many departments, each with many patients and doctors, that are required to be managed.

We developed an online queue for the occasions when there are several patients applying for an appointment with a particular doctor.

The system records how much time every patient spends in the reception area waiting and then prioritizes the patients who have waited for a longer time.

Therefore, every patient spends the same amount of time while visiting a doctor. The system updates once every 5 minutes and allows Hudson Medical to create fair and prioritized queues in each clinical department.

Complicated Documentation
  1. As a project with a large number of users, Hudson Medical, being connected with Athena Health, contained about 1,500 endpoints (this is where the program refers in order to get the data). That was a reason for a large amount of complex documentation, so it was a challenging task to process such an amount of data.
  2. Moreover, we didn’t have any ready-made libraries to work with, so the initial project code was not covered with unit tests.


Our solution:

The unit tests we developed documentation. We also integrated Swagger an open-source toolset for software design, development, and documentation. Sloboda’s team developed unit tests for the most important and complicated parts of the logic. Our developers added additional tests to check Hudson’s connection with AthenaHealth endpoints.


As a result of our collaboration, Hudson Medical + Wellness has many new features added, including:

  1. Third-party services integration
  2. Admin system for the clinic staff
  3. Web and mobile applications
  4. Pain submission feature
  5. Appointment booking
  6. Appointment requests
  7. Clinic Wait Times online queue


We are continuing the collaboration between Sloboda Studio and Hudson Medical + Wellness, expanding the existing features and adding new functionality.

Our process

January 2019 — March 2021

2 back-end developers, 1 front-end developer, 1 mobile developer, 1 PM
Technologies we used
Ruby on Rails
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)

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