Property Management System

Our Client is a real estate company that owns multiple residential and vacation properties and rents out houses and apartments to families, couples, and individuals for long and short periods of time. 

Being on the market for 11 years, our Client observed a drastic digital shift in the offline real estate industry. With the popularization of various online booking systems, the problem of accommodations’ management (managing multiple properties occupancy, accounting, billing, property posting, and reporting) has grown and now requires business automation.

Location: Germany
Industry: Real Estate

Product: Property Management System

The scope of our work: Front-end, Back-end

Solution: Custom development

Client Goal:

Our Client’s goal was to automate the entire process of managing multiple properties, centralize data storage, and have a channel for seamless communication with tenants.

Main Features

The dashboard is the main feature for navigating the property management system. 

For our Client, a dashboard is a source of information about their properties, including property location, date of property acquisition, property insurance, and others. The dashboard helps our Client find reports like financial statements, unit inspection, and property reports.

For tenants those who rent a property from our Client a dashboard provides access to tenancy details, rental receipts, and any outstanding charges. Also, on the dashboard page, tenants can find out their lease status, submit maintenance requests, and message the Client.

Online Leases

Online leases help our Client to customize a digital lease agreement, create lease agreement templates for long-term tenants, and send online lease renewals. Our Client can also conduct tenant screening and manage move-in and move-out processes.

With an online lease feature, tenants can sign lease agreements with the ability to load their PDF agreement into the system.

Accounting & Reporting

Since our Client owns multiple properties, it was important that reporting and finances were in a single place. With this feature, our Client can create one-time or recurring bills, do bank reconciliations, track the current budget, manage the general ledger, and generate rental tracking and financial reports. 

The reporting feature enables our Client to:


  • customize reports
  • create report templates
  • download reports in different formats
Maintenance Request Tracking

Maintenance request tracking is a feature designed specifically for long-term rentals. It is one of the key features for our Client’s business since it allows our Client to centralize the tenants’ requests within the property management system. 

The property management systems allow long-term tenants to:

  • submit maintenance requests by filling in a form application
  • track their request status


After receiving a maintenance request our Client can assign tasks to maintenance workers, supervise the work process, and track schedules.

Channel Manager

Considering that our Client rents his residential and vacation properties, it was essential to make it possible for him to post his properties for rent on multiple online real estate platforms without leaving a property management system. Additionally, we enabled our Client to add and remove vacancies if needed, as well as view links of posted property vacancies and their status.


In order to avoid double bookings of properties, we integrated a multi-calendar that allows our Client to view booking details, prices, and information on renters in a calendar that is integrated into the property management system. Our Client is also able to view when the tenant’s lease ends.


Both our Client and long-term tenants can view, read, and send each other messages. All the chats are stored within the property management system. The integrated communication feature allows the Client to send emails individually or in bulk, and create the tenants’ groups. 

Since our Client has a few rental apartments in a single building, this feature plays an important managing role. Whenever there are some facility issues, our Client creates a chat group and discusses the issues with tenants in a single-group channel.

Properties Posting

Since our Client has already been using several real estate platforms to promote his properties, we have integrated the Client’s property management system with them. Such integration helps to simplify the process of posting properties.

This feature allows the Client to:


  • view and edit property information
  • see, add, and remove property from any platforms where it was posted
  • add a new property

By building a property management system from scratch, we were able to automate repetitive tasks, such as manual property vacancy postings, and billing, create efficient data storage and communication channel and help our Client manage multiple properties in one place.

After the product was launched, our Client experienced an abundance of positive feedback from his tenants and a higher customer conversion rate, due to the new vacant human resources.

Technologies we used
AWS Lambdas
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)
AWS CloudFront





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