Real Estate CRM

Our client is a leading regional residential real estate agency that helps customers to buy and sell residential properties. The client’s company has grown in both staff and customers, and so the client has a need for centralized data management software – real estate CRM specifically designed for customer needs and business peculiarities.

Location: Canada
Industry: Real Estate

Product: CRM software

The scope of our work: front-end, back-end

Solution: Custom development

Client Goal:

Our client’s challenge was in navigating different data management channels to find the necessary information for a specific deal, client, or property. Such data was stored partially in Google Spreadsheets and in a commercial CRM. Our client wanted to organize all the data and create a CRM tailored to the company’s business processes. 

Implemented Features

The dashboard page was created for quicker and simpler navigation in CRM. We decided to start with a simple kind of dashboard where users have the following abilities:

  • Add tasks or contacts;
  • View the assigned tasks, and unanswered messages of users;
  • Search for sent or scheduled follow-ups, and messages approved for sending out.

A contact page has extensive functionality since it is one of the main pages in the client’s real estate CRM.

Contacts comprise pages with contact information of real estate agents, customers who are selling or buying properties, and partner real estate agencies.

On the contact page, users are able to create a new contact, or import and export, archive, or edit existing contacts. Users can only import contacts from, or export contacts to, CSV format files. 

Users can also view contacts by type: active, archived, or duplicates. In addition, users have the ability to filter, sort, tag, and assign contacts to real estate agents.

Real estate agents can view each contact profile by clicking on a particular contact. On a contact profile page, users are shown extensive information on the contact, and actions that were taken to reach the contact.

Here users can schedule emails, and calls, create tasks, leave notes, assign leads to real estate agents, and create deals.

Communication Page

By integrating such popular email systems as Gmail or Outlook, real estate agents are able to view their emails, reply to them, schedule follow-up emails, view who opened a message, and view an average open rate of messages. Users can also filter emails by dates or find contacts via a search bar.

Contact Groups

This page was created to easily group contacts according to their types: buyers, sellers, and partners. Contact can belong to two or more groups at a time. Our team has created such default groups for real estate agents:

  • New leads
  • Current customers
  • Partners
  • Hot-Leads

Users can create additional groups or delete the ones they are not using. They can also set reminders on the group. For example, schedule a reminder to follow up hot leads in two days.


Programs are customized series of automated tasks, messages, follow-ups, and other activities that are used for repetitive tasks like keeping in touch with old clients, following with clients who missed calls, nurturing outbound leads, and others. 

The program page was created to automate a routine workflow for the client’s team. Real estate agents can create a program, attach a contact group, and customize tasks. Users can create automatic actions for programs, such as setting reminders to follow-up, adding or excluding leads from contact groups, making a call, and more.


Pipelines are visual boards representing the existing deals. Users can create multiple pipelines, edit and delete them. Any pipeline consists of customized stages for nurturing a potential customer. Users can also set reminders for each stage of the pipeline and attach a program to a specific stage.

With a drag-and-drop feature, users can move their deals from one stage to another.


Deals are qualified leads that real estate agents are already working with and are very likely to convert into customers. Deals can only be created inside a certain pipeline. To create a deal, a user needs to fill in the following fields:

  • Name
  • Stage
  • Value
  • To whom the deal is assigned
  • Contact

Our team helped a client automate the work processes by means of a custom real estate CRM that was built from scratch. Since this system was launched, our client has seen an increase in sales conversion and productivity.

Our process

February 2020 - Current time

front-end developer | back-end developer | PM
Technologies we used

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