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We offer the best front-end development services for your businesses and startups.
Our team uses the latest technologies such as React, Angular, Vue

Why should you be interested in front-end development services? Business often needs a responsive website for various purposes: for organizing inner company’s processes, keeping working data safe and freely accessible, attracting customers with modern and refined design, etc. Front-end developers create an external interface for the website, and it is crucial to make it functional and attractive.

Sloboda Studio has profound experience in building web solutions for clients worldwide. We are well aware of the most common problems of the front-end coding:

Website accessibility for users
High-quality front-end development services ensure that the website is displayed correctly on all devices and in all browsers no matter of the countless browser versions used by site visitors
Work suitability
The developer should be not only confident in the information display correctness but also website functioning coherence. The beauty alone is not enough to conquer users, so all the functions on its pages must be completely debugged
High performance and speed
Simply put, experienced developers ensure quickly website load and uninterrupted operation. A fast and responsive site is always the result of a painstaking work and application of rich coding experience

Front-end Development

One of the main advantages of our services is the skillful possession of the most up-to-date front-end development technology. However, most often we use AngularJS, Angular2, JQuery, React, Bootstrap, and Zurb for work, and we will try to explain in more detail why they chose them


Despite the fact that this product is spread as open-source, rare newbies are able to cope with it. However, an experienced developer knows what miracles this framework is capable of, and can apply them correctly. AngularJS advantages include:

Maintenance simplicity
Angular allows you to get a lightweight code at the output, which is easy and convenient to test and maintain after the release
Quickly create an MVP
This framework allows writing less code than usual, which allows you to quickly develop prototypes and receive up-to-date information from the market
Flexibility and customizability
Regardless of the project complexity, with Angular, its code remains elegant, as many components can be used several times
Testing simplicity
AngularJS is a framework providing effective automatic testing, as it allows you to easily manipulate the DOM elements
Global community support
Angular is supported by Google and has a large community always improving the framework quality, which also positively affects the end products

This technology is known to many, but its advantages often remain undervalued. Meanwhile, it helps to make websites highly attractive to users quickly and efficiently

Allows it to work with a large number of browsers without the need for additional settings. It also means good performance for website solutions
Rich possibilities for using styles
It makes this library indispensable make this library indispensable in any front-end development
Ready-made solutions
Allow to reduce building time without losing the product quality. Your pages load faster, and the code itself is easy to maintain and simpler to document

We apply ReactJS in projects where it is necessary to store, update and process a lot of data, since it allows solutions to remain high-performance despite high loads

Reusable components
Reusing code makes app development and maintenance easier and faster. It also contributes to consistent look and feel across the project
Stable code
React uses downward data flow which ensures that child elements don’t affect parent data. As a result, the system gets more stability
Fast in development
The use of virtual DOM ensures a quick update to the real DOM, and provides great performance and user experience all around

Development Services

So, how to ensure the front-end development services trustworthy? You can judge the developers and companies by their completed works. Do not be afraid to ask what achievements this or that team has and always note for yourself what achievements they are most proud of. And, of course, it is important to evaluate the quality of communication with developers, because end results will depend on your mutual goals understanding.

We are proud that in our development services there is no place for misunderstanding, incompetence, and senselessness. We have reached a level where we can not simply follow other people’s advice, but also bring our own useful knowledge out of the rich experience and share it with the world. And if you want to receive the best quality product, we have front-end developers for hire

  • Always in touch – minimum 5 hours / day online
  • Answer within a day
  • Strict meeting deadlines
  • 30+ Ruby and front-end developers
  • 8 years of experience
  • High rates at top freelance marketplaces (Clutch, Upwork)
  • Our company has successfully completed more than 100 projects for our customers from Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, France, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and others

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