Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Ruby Developer: Who Is He and Where to Find Him?


If you are reading this article, then you probably need to hire Ruby on Rails developer. It is pretty hard to find a good specialist and you may need some help. This article is your advisor in such a difficult situation.

Before discussing the issue of how to hire Ruby developers, let’s find out what is Ruby and why it is so popular nowadays.

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, interpreted high-level programming language for fast and convenient object-oriented programming. Ruby on Rails is a full-scale, multi-level framework for building web applications that use databases which are based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.



Who are the Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developers?


For starters, let us say this programming language is not for beginners. The learning curve is high, so programmers usually decide to start working with Ruby after several years of work with some other programming languages. A regular junior Ruby on Rails developer is an experienced remote developer with a lot of knowledge, experience in developing projects with any other languages, understanding the principles of programming and an excellent understanding of web development in general.



Key Benefits of Ruby / Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails Development speed

Development speed

The main advantage of Ruby and Ruby on Rails frameworks is the development speed. In comparison with other programming languages, the speed of developing projects via the RoR increases by 30-40 percent. Primarily, such rapid performance is determined by an extensive set of ready-to-use standard RoR tools, a huge set of ready-made solutions, the Ruby language itself and the accessibility of programming on it.

One of the most important aspects of RoR developer’s work is sociality. Thus, at the moment, thousands of ready-made solutions for various tasks management are stored in the public domain. Authentication, authorization and commenting tools, as well as payment systems, mailing lists, and much more (everything that is usually developed from scratch) is implemented, tested and recommended to a large community.


Ruby on Rails Culture and standards


Culture and standards

Ruby on Rails is a framework where you can invent anything you wish and program in any direction without having to rely on any standards/ however, adherence to some of them is mostly required as the standards of file allocation in the project, the standards of writing code, and the general rules of programming in Ruby on Rails strongly structure any project. Due to them, the project becomes sufficiently comprehensible.

The beginners entry into the project very fast. Experience shows that any newcomer in this field is capable of bringing useful commitment to the case already on their first day of work. Due to this, it is not considered a big problem when the development of the project is initially conducted by one team of programmers and project support or revision is held by completely another team.

The main task of the Ruby programmer is the creation of various software including applications,  server and cloud systems, web interfaces, platforms and modules, their architecture and logic. At the same time, the programmer should be able to write technical tasks (TOR), understand the special terminology.

The Ruby programmer’s tasks also include the maintenance of the project: for example, testing, debugging (if there are any errors) and, finally, implementation of an application or module.

Yet another responsibility of the programmer is the development of instructions for working with the finished product, as well as the design of the necessary technical documentation.



What Ruby developers need to know and be able to do


What Ruby developers need to know and be able to do

Personal qualities:

  • Skills of working with large volumes of information
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to details
  • Structural thinking
  • Ability to self-educate
  • Reliability

Basic Skills:

  • Knowledge and experience in Ruby development (syntax, methods, debugging, Ruby Gems)
  • Knowledge and in-depth experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Advanced skills in utilizing Ruby on Rails
  • Fluent work with databases like MySQL, PgSQL, Redis, Postgres & MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
  • Writing complex queries
  • Working with Git history
  • Setting up the working environment and development tools usage
  • Testing skills and expertise in using different testing frameworks (unit, functional, integration testing, mocking web services and 3rd-party APIs: RSpec shared_ *, mocks, Capybara, database_cleaner, WebMock, VCR, MiniTest, Cucumber, etc.)
  • Basic DevOps skills
  • Experience in developing applications/high load resistant systems/interfaces, etc.


More specifically, each level of skill depth is characterized by the unique list of requirements, which will be outlined further in this article.

Usually, the division of skill levels looks like this:



In fact, this division has nothing in common with reality. It is clear depends on not only the years of the experience. You should understand that the quantity and the quality of previously made projects influence greatly the level of skills.



Junior Rails Developer


Junior Rails Developer

Junior Rails Developer


The junior Ruby developer, essentially, handles the small tasks under the supervision and is self-motivated to develop the skills. Providing a junior with comprehensible code reviews where all their errors are delineated, you are to lead them towards gaining an ability to master the complex tasks themselves. Well, even if they are able to deal with it, there is a big chance that instead of spending a day on it, they’ll spend a month. Meanwhile, a junior developer isn’t a trainee and has basic knowledge of Ruby, data formats associated with it, and main project processes like Red-Green-Refactor cycle, unit-testing, work with Git, RDBMS, Linux, and code editors. Of course, not all juniors have the same level of knowledge and skills. For example, junior-beginner is considered rather an assistant to a middle developer than a separate specialist. Junior-upper and junior-advanced are more skilled and able to code themselves.



Middle Ruby on Rails Developer


Middle Ruby on Rails Developer

Middle Ruby on Rails Developer


It is almost a level of an independent Ruby on Rails developer, who has all the necessary basic knowledge. Of course, the bad code can always take place, but there is a hope that you will quickly understand what you are doing wrong and correct yourself at once. This level envisages a deep understanding of the Ruby Standard Library, functional programming, gems and open repository code; advanced skills in unit- & functional testing with the proficiency with RSpec shared_ *, mocks, Capybara, database_cleaner, WebMock, VCR, MiniTest, and Cucumber; basic skills of web-servers configurations; writing in-depth queries in Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch; basic DevOps skills and dev tools usage.

There is one more level between classic middle and senior developers – advanced developer. Such a specialist processes complex tasks in all the same fields as a middle but at a higher level like metaprogramming, advanced stdlib, Ruby internals, native extensions, etc. This is a transitional stage for the middle, which has been working for more than 3 years and is preparing to move to the senior level.



Senior Rails Developer


professional Ruby on Rails developer

Professional Ruby on Rails developer


The level of the professional Ruby on Rails developer. This title indicates an expert whose advice is really taken into account, whose suggestions can be applied in the architecture of the application, whose time is more valuable than that of the beginners. Such a person is able to cope with any task faster than others and make it a high-level work. In addition, they usually make some contributions to open-source Ruby projects or to Ruby code and keep blogs where to publish only relevant materials containing their own work results and research. They feel free in optimizing performance and speed of HTTP, SPDY, HTTP/2 at all stages of data exchange; specific Web technologies: WebRTC, complex real-time web applications (real-time dashboards etc., not multi-user chats from tutorials.) This specialist is able to fully install, customize the working environment and prepare everything for a work of a team. They usually have 5+ years of experience, share the company’s values and start initiatives that solve many project problems. At this stage, Ruby developer starts participating in educational projects.



Are There Any Further Steps?


  • Tech Lead. This specialist participates in staff growth processes, improving software standards, available technology analysis and searching for the most perspective ones with mandatory engineering & economic justification.
  • Architect/Senior Architect. The main task of this one is solving complex tasks of building applications, distributed and serverless applications as well as optimization of existing solutions and architectures.
  • CTO. Chief Executive Officer is a promoter of company’s values, which analyses the technological areas, improves the tech side of recruiting new employees, manages the staff growth processes, and develops software development and project management standards within the company.



Is It Necessary to Hire a Senior Developer?


Why seniors are primarily desired experts? Companies want to hire a new middle/senior Ruby on Rails developer when the workload reaches a quite high level and they are physically unable to cope with the all the tasks.

You want the developer to be a middle-senior level since they most probably possess all the necessary skills to instantly join the workflow without the lengthy adaptation and “joining” processes. Such experts adapt rapidly to a new management, and you might as well start getting the ready code from them right away.

Nevertheless, now, it is not so easy to find Ruby on Rail developer suitable to such requirements. In the current situation, it is almost impossible to hire a middle/senior level Ruby developer who is ready to work with you. It happens because almost all senior developers have plenty of work or even full-time job. The other point is that the competitors usually aren’t able to make a good job invitation.


to Hire a Senior RoR Developer

Hire a Senior RoR Developer


Companies spend thousands of dollars on maintenance of recruiters and a lot of time for theoretical work, the profit from which is incredibly small. Companies also spend a lot of money to hunt for the mythical rock star of the developing world, the “unicorn”, which comes at a price of ten ordinary developers. But the “unicorns” no longer graze on sunny meadows where they can just be caught. These “stars” are most probably already working somewhere.

Free “rock stars” are gone, so it’s time to grow your own.

Companies are so focused on trying to hire a specific 5% or 10% of the total pool of developers that they no longer pay attention to all the rest. There are more talented people in the remaining 90%, but they need mentors. Having mentored some candidates,  it is possible to get, as a result,  the most intelligent people in the community. What if the person who trained in your company is promoted higher and becomes a technical director? The companies completely ignore the talents of people, unless they are absolutely obvious and show.

Too many organizations focus on the short-term goals of obtaining working code, instead of paying attention to the long-term prospects for the development and professional growth of their own teams.

Companies hire the best Ruby on Rails developers and Ruby developers – people with a guaranteed high skill – and these employees are forced to engage in a project that is the real fantasy on the subject of interaction. If you compare this with hiring a pianist, then you hire Chopin, Bach and Franz Liszt to play for you.

You do not need to hire seniors. You need to hire a developer of any level of skill, train them, and grow them. Give people a chance, train them in the actually employed aspects, because today’s juniors can become the greatest developers in your company tomorrow. Sometimes, it is enough to just give an opportunity to try.



Try to Search for Junior Developer


Where to find Ruby on Rails developers and Ruby developers of junior level? Well, the good choice will be a code-academy. Code-academies allow you to partially solve the problem of lacking in mentors. People pay “academies” thousands of dollars to learn the basics. Some of the “academies” even provide job security at the end of their course. Most often, they teach the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby and, as a rule, “graduates” can easily connect their further path with Ruby. Initially, these people are very immature, but they, nevertheless, become part of the community and begin to work.

Unfortunately, because of our primary desire to find senior Ruby developer, we do not hire these newcomers. In academies, talents are formed, but we ignore them. These people have to fight for several months in order to get at least an internship.


find Ruby on Rails developers and Ruby developers of junior level


Not all academy graduates have time to hone and develop their skills because often they work full-time or have other duties that require their attention. Fortunately, they often receive support from code-academies, even after they finish the course.

It would be great to see companies shift their priorities from hiring experienced developers and pay attention to the graduates of such academies. More and more companies need to engage in mentoring and training in what they do. People who graduate from code-academies really want to learn and they are very seriously motivated.

Of course, there are junior Ruby on Rails developers with the same motivation who are also eager to gain knowledge, but they never graduated from the code-academy. They studied on their own, periodically seeking advice from other members of the community.



Working With a Remote Ruby on Rails Developer


Looking for Ruby on Rails developer, you should always remember that there is a number of specialists that work remotely.

You can always hire ruby on rails programmer via internet. There isa number of platforms, services and companies all over the world that can offer you their help. Via the worldwide web you can find a Ruby on Rails developer London or, for example, a Ruby on Rails developer Singapore.


If you are searching for a really professional programmer, search:

  • ruby on rails developer Toronto
  • ruby on rails developer San Francisco
  • ruby on rails developer Sydney
  • ruby on rails developer New York
  • ruby on rails developer Berlin


Via the worldwide web you can find a Ruby on Rails developer


It is important to mention that it is up to you whom to choose – senior, middle, or junior Ruby on Rails developer. The only thing you should remember when you hire RoR developer is the necessity to test their programming skills.



Ruby on Rails Engineer: Who Is It?


When you hire Rails developer, you should clearly understand that writing a code is only a half of the work that needs to be done. As soon as the code has been written you need somebody who will make it work.

Of course, you may try to find a full stack Ruby on Rails developer, but it is a hard task to cope with. There are only few professionals of such level and all of them already have plenty of work to do. It means that you have no chance to hire Ruby on Rails programmer that can take on the whole project single-handedly. In fact, you need to find an engineer who will be able, using the already made code, to create exactly the thing you need.

Ruby engineer will be cooperating with the developer you’ve chosen earlier. Together, they will provide you with a website or some other type of software you were looking for.

Contact the team, start like a rocket!