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  • 70 developers on board, including front-end web development experts in React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Stimulus.js, and Hotwire

  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility and responsive design

  • Improving website performance and user experience

  • Tailoring seamless integration with back-end systems
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    Why Choose Sloboda Studio as a Hotwire Services Vendor?

    We care about the products we work on

    Access to Senior Stimulus Developers

    Leverage our developers’ experience in working on diverse projects and gain valuable insights for your specific development needs.

    Flexibility to Scale Your Team Based on Project Needs

    Scale your team according to the project requirements, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

    Cost-Effectiveness Compared to Hiring and Training In-House Stimulus Developers

    Avoid the high costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training in-house stimulus developers.

    Accelerated Time to Market with Added Expertise and Resources

    With our Stimulus developers on board, you can expedite your software product development timeline.

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    products delivered

    Building and scaling your products using Hotwire. With Hotwire, we deliver fast and SEO-friendly applications, simultaneously cutting your development costs.


    Hotwire allows creating highly interactive and dynamic applications that deliver real-time updates to users without the need for frequent page reloads.

    Hotwire Features


    Hotwire has a Turbo feature that makes page changes and form submissions faster. Turbo uses techniques that break down complex pages into smaller components and updates only specific parts of the page using WebSocket. The best part is that you don’t need to write any JavaScript. Turbo works well with native and hybrid applications on both iOS and Android platforms.


    Stimulus can handle most interactive features that would typically require JavaScript, but there are still situations where additional custom code is necessary. Stimulus simplifies this process with its HTML-focused approach to state and connections.


    Strada simplifies communication between the web and native components of a mobile hybrid app by using HTML bridge attributes. It allows for a gradual transition from web interactions to native replacements.

    Success Stories

    Helps over 2000 patients per year FlightHealth
    #Healthcare USA

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Hotwire differ from traditional server-rendered or single-page applications?

    By combining server-side rendering with real-time updates, Hotwire has identified an exclusive method that distinguishes itself from other traditional approaches like single-page applications or server-rendered frameworks. This method provides increased responsiveness to enhance user experience while maintaining quick page loading times without compromising on SEO friendliness. Moreover, using Hotwire means excluding client-side JavaScript frameworks entirely, simplifying development processes after that.

    Can Hotwire be used with any web development framework, or is it limited to specific ones?

    We use Ruby on Rails in most of our works and Hotwire works with RoR perfectly. 


    Hotwire qualifies as a flexible instrument vital for any web development framework like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, or Django. The software offers numerous functions and strategies that integrate seamlessly with your current framework. This results in excellent interactivity and real-time features, regardless of the chosen framework.

    What are the benefits of using Hotwire in web development projects?

    Incorporating Hotwire has several advantages for web development projects:

    • Enriched interactivity features
    • Streamlined development procedures
    • Increased performance levels
    • SEO-friendliness and progressive enhancement options
    • Real-time updates for reduced complexity and streamlined network requests
    • Support for server-side rendering for a smoother user experience

    Can Hotwire be used for mobile app development, or is it primarily focused on web development?

    Yes, you can use Hotwire to create a mobile app.  When integrating Hotwire, developers can create cross-platform applications with exceptional real-time updating features and interactive capabilities. This can result in more robust applications that perform better and provide a better user experience.

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