Flight Health

Helps over 2000 patients per year

Flight Health is an online healthcare platform that connects doctors and patients, allowing them to keep all the information in one place, make appointments, and pay for services. Patients can pick one of the hospitals and doctors that are on the platform and get the consultation or treatment.

It empowers independent doctors with a fully integrated platform to run their practices and provide a truly modern patient experience. Their mission is to give doctors time to do what they do best: care for their patients.



Location: USA
Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: US

Industry: Healthcare

Product: SaaS B2B, B2C healthcare platform

The scope of our work: Front-End, Back-End, Mobile

Solutions: AthenaHealth integration, appointment booking system, web and mobile applications 

Web site: https://www.goflighthealth.com/ 

Client Goal:

Flight Health’s founder wanted to create a platform (both web and mobile apps) where clinics could share their services and patients could select doctors from different hospitals according to their health requests. 

Another goal was to have an easy-to-use admin panel where doctors from different clinics could manage their patients and bookings.

Implemented Features
AthenaHealth Integration

Flight Health integrates with AthenaHealth, a US cloud-based health record system, to streamline the management of patients’ data, doctors’ schedules, departments, and queues and connect doctors with patients. 

This integration allows easy access to patient’s medical insurance and health information, simplifying the overall process of the health platform.

Doctors use AthenaHealth to access and update patient records, order and view lab results, communicate with other healthcare providers, and streamline administrative tasks. The platform helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare delivery, making it easier for doctors to provide high-quality care to their patients.

DrChrono Integration

This platform is similar to AthenaHealth and is popular among healthcare specialists as well. 

We implemented this integration to cover more existing information about patients, including ones that use DrChrono and not AthenaHealth.

Appointment Booking

The Flight Health platform allows patients to easily book appointments with their preferred doctor using the Athena API. 

Patients can view the doctor’s available time slots, select a desired and available time, and book appointments through both mobile and web applications. Once an appointment is booked, the time slot becomes unavailable to other patients.

Stripe Payment Integration

Even though it is possible to conduct all the payments through AthenaHealth, only some hospitals need this service. For example, massage specialists or chiropractors don’t need access to data that offers AthenaHealth and need only the primary payment that Stripe offers. 

That’s why we’ve integrated the Stripe payment method as well. Although it has a higher commission, it can still be useful for many Flight Health users.

Personal Reminders

We’ve implemented the Customer.io service that helps to send letters based on triggering events automatically. 

For example, suppose customers started booking appointments but got distracted. Later, they receive an e-mail where Flight Health offers them to complete the appointment booking. Such a tool helps convert more leads into customers.

Limited Roles Access

Flight Health offers secure access to specific information — only doctors can see a client’s personal information regarding test results and health issues. 

There are 12 access levels for every group of workers: doctors, nurses, receptionists, interns, platform administrators, etc. 

Security is crucial for healthcare solutions as it covers personal issues and collects personal information, such as payment data, insurance data, etc. Thus, we made security one of our top priorities in this project so every worker or patient, who uses Flight Health, could get information that concerns only them.

How Does Flight Health Look and Work?

Patients and doctors see different dashboards that show different information and have specific functionality.

Patients’ Dashboard

Patients’ dashboard allows them to pick a hospital, book a visit, pick the insurance, and connect with Flight Health if there are any additional questions. The platform is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, which makes it easy for everyone to use Flight Health. Even though this is a must-have of any platform development, it is still important to highlight that such solutions save clients lots of time and money — no need for an extensive support team to answer user questions.

Doctors’ Dashboard

Doctors’ dashboard helps manage hospital information, adjust it in seconds, store patients’ information, and be up to date with any news about the practice.

Doctor ScreenDoctor Screen


We’ve created web and mobile applications for doctors and patients. Flight Health resembles a marketplace platform where patients can pick a doctor and keep all their data in one place. As well as doctors can store all the patients’ documents where they can access them easily.  

Flight Health is secure and uses both AthenaHealth and Stripe payment platforms to meet the needs of all doctors that use the platform. Not only practitioners like therapists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, etc., have access to Flight Health, but massage specialists and chiro practitioners can use it as well. 

As for now, four clinics that help more than 2000 patients per year in New York, USA, use Flight Health in their practice. They find new patients and keep all their health information in the Flight Health system.

Our process

Ongoing since 2021

2 back-end developers | 2 front-end developers | PM | QA | BA
Technologies we used
Material UI
Monolith App
Redux Thunk
S3 bucket






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