Perform 150,000 medical diagnostic tests every year

Cerascreen is a German start-up that provides different health tests to enable point-of-care trials for patients at home.


Users can buy different tests online, send them to specialized labs, and then receive personalized digital assessments of their health status in the form of reports.


The company is focused on the European and American markets. All tests that Сerascreen provides to its users are strictly integrated with the health regulations in a particular country. 


Each test and report has a unique laboratory code and a specific product identifier. The personal reports include an SVG file, text, and specifications for different results. For example, a test is positive or negative, low – high level, color coding, etc.


Cerascreen works both with B2C and B2B clients.  As for B2C, customers buy tests in an online store and get a report directly from Cerascreen. With B2B, companies are connected directly with the organizations that order the tests. In this case, clients do not receive the reports from Cerascreen themselves instead of through their organization.


Scope of our work: back-end development

Website: https://www.cerascreen.com/

Location: Germany
Industry: Healthcare
Client Goal:

The company needed to upgrade its platform by creating the result reports for the new tests.

Platform Functionality

Based on the checklists provided by the global laboratories, the platform can create test reports. 

Checklists are essential for reporting as they govern compliance with health regulations in different countries and display how the information will look depending on the result and the clients’ language (English, German or local). 


Serascreen: German Report


To activate the report for the test, users are asked to answer two questions related to the research.

The platform also allows users to set up an email reminder that will allow them to remember to pass the necessary tests after a specific time. For example, the user can choose – to make a test in a few months – or buy a test, click “don’t forget.”


Cerascreen: English Reports

Our Solutions
Creation of Result Reports for British Tests

The client needed to create estrogen and progesterone test reports for people from the UK to expand the platform. 

Cerascreen was searching for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to create the reports on the back-side, so they turned to Sloboda Studio as a Top 5 Ruby on Rails Company worldwide according to Clutch.

Our team used Ruby in combination with the SVG Image Builder, a good solution for this platform with complex logic.


Serascreen: Test Result


Our experts also added to the reports:


  • follow-up options, which would contain additional information about the test and its results, as well as possible recommendations
  • images and specific-related text tailored to the British health rules
  • links that would lead to other resources or information blocks, depending on the test

As a result of our collaboration, Cerascreen received an automated report system for the tests available on the platform with the ability to add links, follow-ups, and images in SVG format.

Our process

October 2021 — November 2021

1 back-end developer
Technologies we used
Ruby on Rails
Ruby SVG Builder

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