Works of Art

Platform revenue increased by 30%


Works of Art is an NFT marketplace that allows young and unknown art creators to popularise and sell tokenized pieces or collections to their followers in the form of non-fungible tokens. 


The client is a creator of works in Japanese anime.


The idea of the NFT marketplace came to our client a year and a half ago since there was a need to protect his pictures from endless digital copying and copyrights. 


Since NFT tokens are unique and stored in the blockchain, they are true digital analogs of real things, in particular works of art. NFT marketplace is a perfect area where digital objects are protected and secure ownership.


The client was inspired by helping and protecting artists and turned to us for help in building the product.


Product: online marketplace

The scope of our work: front-end, back-end, QA

Solution: cloud and ML solutions

Location: UK
Industry: Retail
Client Goal:

The client came to Sloboda Studio with the idea of creating an NFT marketplace to promote young artists’ works of art and sell their art collections in the form of tokens. 

The goal was to provide independent creators with a convenient way to directly distribute their works and to sell their creations with minimal commissions.


In order for our client to outperform competitors on the market, we suggested creating an MVP product with a few custom features.


Users can register manually using email and sign up with Google or Facebook.

User Profile

Unregistered users can freely browse the pages of artists’ collections and read all the information displayed in the profile before choosing to buy.


The platform presents single images and collections in the form of tokens of various creators. Users can add both variants for sale, but up to 3 single images and 20 in collections. One collection can consist of at least 5 up to 25 images. 


The advantage of buying a collection is the combination of many unique art objects of creators that can be filtered by subject, technique, period of creation, etc.


The collection is searched by filters such as: 


  • number of art objects
  • сost
  • themes or subject
  • creator’s name

For the wallet feature, we chose FCL since this type of wallet is multicurrency (allows users to store and transform currency into a user-friendly kind of crypt). 


In addition, the FCL wallet contains a large selection of language panels for users from different countries. It also allows users to store money in the form of cryptocurrency inside the platform sell and transfer payments to the card at a favorable rate.


Sloboda Studio’s choice for tracking and managing analytics was Firebase, a platform for developing web and mobile applications from Google, with modern features for creating, redesigning, and improving applications. With the help of Firebase, developers can build and modify applications depending on their needs. 


Firebase contains a built-in real-time database where admins can view user activity, sales statistics, etc. 


Developing Works of Art with Firebase, our client gained:


  • access to NFT brand without managing servers
  • ability to easy scale and support millions of users in the future  
  • control of user experience in production
  • cloud functions and extensive cloud storage

Sellers set the price rates for the single image and collections by their choice. For the convenience of determining the actual value, our team has developed a custom analytical dynamic price software using the ML solution that determines the average cost of similar collections on the market.


Notifications about the purchase, receipt of payment, or currency transfer are sent to the user by email.

Rating and Reviews

Only registered users can leave comments under each collection and individual image. Each profile (seller or buyer) has a rating formed by clicking on the rating stars from 1 to 5.


Our devs created the system to ensure that a user can click on the stars only once, avoiding cheating the rating.

Integration with social networks

We helped connect the platform to social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for better sales promotion.


Besides core functionality for an NFT marketplace, our devs built such custom features as: 

  • integration with social networks
  • analytical dynamic price software using ML  
  • wallet functionality
  • ratings and reviews


In January 2022, our client’s platform revenue increased by 30%.


Recently, an international venture company became interested in the marketplace. Our client is planning to fundraise this year and start scaling the project.

Technologies we used

FCL Wallet



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