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Why Hiring Software QA team?

To maintain excellent user experience

Software usability tries to fulfill the users’ needs and improve their satisfaction. Thus, meaningful UX makes people likely to become your customers. Apps and website quality assurance determine whether a particular functionality is user-friendly and ensures good UX.

To avoid extra development expenses

The costs of detecting and fixing them can vary tremendously. Above all, fixing bugs at later stages of software development can cost 30 or even 100 times more and take extra time than dealing with the same bugs in the early stages during the test detection.

To have a stable and reliable product

You can’t depend on your software 100% unless you’ve tested it. Only failure-free software that performs its intended functions can allow you to focus on the most important things - promotion of your product to your target audience.

To meet clients’ needs and increase satisfaction

The average website bounce rate is between 45%-50%. This means that typically 50% of people are going to abandon your platform without buying. But when software doesn’t meet user needs and works slowly, the bounce rate gradually increases.

To ensure safe data storage

What can seem like multiple small errors and bugs in software to users, can open up an opportunity to attackers and breach GDPR compliance. Software testing & quality assurance make the software and data less vulnerable to any security breaches.

To improve the quality of the product

Either manual or automated test help improve the product’s performance, security, usability, and productivity.

To prevent emergencies

Conducting quality assurance test for websites helps to avoid any sudden system errors or features. Even a failure of one button for a single day can lead to 10X losses comparing it to the cost of testing and protecting the software in advance.

Our QA Services

rails logo
  • Functional testing
  • UI/UX testing
  • Localization testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance testing

Pavel and his Ruby on Rails development company Sloboda are doing a great job working on our projects. They are constantly delivering quick and efficient new solutions and new features. Based on my experience working with Sloboda, I would highly recommend working with them!

Uzi Blum

VP Technology at AppLift, Germany

Why Sloboda Studio?

We care about the products we work on

11 years in software QA services

Sloboda’s team has been building and testing software for 11 years now. Thus far we provide all the major QA test services. We have built and provided QA software testing services, tested over 200 products and our startup clients have raised over $90M.

Reliable Reputation

Thanks to reviews from each company we've worked with, Sloboda Studio is yearly named a Top Web Development Company by Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush, and other independent rating platforms.

Experienced QA engineers

At Sloboda, our management conducts a 5-phase recruiting process to hire the most skilled QA engineers to meet all the services requirements of your company. All our QA experts have extensive experience with websites, web application, and data quality assurance.

Agile Approach

To us, software testing & quality assurance services are essential parts of the Agile development process. However, there are times when Agile testing is not the best possible test approach and we are trying to find the most effective solution for the project.

Attentive to the smallest details

Any untested button can lead to drastic losses, be that through the ‘Buy’ or ‘Contact Us’ buttons. At our company we always prioritize tests, we document the functionality of features and divide our tasks into subtasks for better performance.

Cost-efficient rates

Sloboda Studio is an outsourcing development company that allows us to offer cost-efficiency. Our software quality assurance company offers rates that are 3-5 times lower than equivalent providers in the USA and 2-3 times lower than those in Europe.

Technologies we use for QA















Management Software:







Cross-browser/UI Testing:





Chrome plugins

Chrome plugins










CI tools:

Github Actions

Github Actions

Gitlab CI/CD

Gitlab CI/CD






Manual Testing Technologies

Sloboda Studio provides manual software quality assurance services from the end-user point.

Manual Testing Technologies
  • Applicable for testing any kind of software application and non-automatable cases.
  • Needs less time, costs and resources to be started.
  • Is often best for the first development stages.
  • Perfect for short and small scale applications.
  • Good to test user interfaces, visuals and user-friendliness.
  • Quicker for testing small changes.
  • Must precede automated testing.
  • Total control over every aspect.

Requirement Testing

Requirement testing is a kind of testing in which test cases, conditions, and data are collected from requirements. Requirement testing involves functional and non-functional testing, which covers performance criteria, project functionality, user interfaces, software and hardware interfaces, system correctness, security, implementation issues, and risks.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a testing approach that helps to measure software ease of use and user-friendliness. This type of testing focuses on the user experience of the software users and how intuitive the product design is.

Security Testing

Security testing is a type of testing for revealing software weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and flaws in order to protect software from potential attacks. Security testing checks how the built-in system's defense responds to penetration.

Ad hoc Testing

Ad hoc testing is an informal type of software testing that is performed without documentation and scheduling. By randomly checking parts of software, ad hoc testing aims to find glitches.

UI Testing

UI testing or GUI testing involves testing the graphical user interface of the software to make sure that the UI meets its specification. In this case, icons, menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, and other visual elements are validated.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is carried out to detect the software’s stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness under expected workload conditions. This kind of testing is usually done before releasing a product.

Automation Testing Technologies

Sloboda Studio offers website and web application quality assurance by using automated tests that speed up the overall QA process

Automation Testing Technologies
  • Effective to handle repetitive and time-consuming tests
  • Helps to avoid the human factor
  • Allows running of all the tests much more quickly
  • Provides developers with quicker analysis and feedback
  • Test execution 24/7
  • Testing on multiple platforms at a time
  • Overall reduction in expenses and higher portability
  • Higher test coverage
  • Guarantees clear test report
  • The only alternative for stress testing, performance and load testing

Unit Testing

Units are the smallest testable components of any kind of software. Unit testing is software testing where units of source code are tested to understand whether a specific unit performs the way it has to.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is software testing for verifying the feasibility of functional requirements and the ability of software to solve problems that users encounter under certain conditions. Software functions are tested by providing the inputs and then studying the outputs.

Regression Testing

Such apps and website QA services help to establish that the recent code change does not affect the software and its features. For this type of software, both functional and non-functional tests can be performed. Usually, regression testing is performed if there were such changes as bug fixing, configuration changes, and software enhancements.

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is conducted to reveal the obvious errors. This is the initial testing stage after which QA specialists can proceed to further software testing. Smoke testing covers the core software functions.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is the process of determining whether the software complies with the business requirements and thus is accepted by the end-users. This kind of software QA testing service is carried out in the final stage of testing before launching the product.

Clients about Sloboda Studio

Ruzbeh Bacha
Ruzbeh Bacha
Founder and CEO, of CityFALCON, UK
“Sloboda Studio is a consulting company that has helped to scale up the business very rapidly with its Ruby on Rails development services.
They delivered a high-quality product, paying particular attention to the testing phase.”
Daniel Vartanov
Daniel Vartanov
CTO, Veeqo
“One of the greatest things about working with you is that we are getting exactly what we are expecting, it is a very nice feature of yours.”

Gautam Chandna
Gautam Chandna
CEO at Salita Oslo, Norway
Sloboda Studio's quality and breadth of talent secured a long-term partnership. They've helped catalyze an eightfold growth in revenue annually. The team features an array of uniquely skilled technical specialists.

More Than Testing

Raised over $4M CityFalcon
#FinTech UK

CityFALCON is a financial news aggregator that analyzes and collects financial tweets, news, and authors by using Natural Language Processing.

Raised over $1.5M Salita
#Media & PR Norway

Salita is a B2G and B2C online marketplace for interpreting services.  


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you approach testing for different types of software?

To ensure quality and security in software products and services, our team implements a tailored approach to mobile and software test services depending on the specific requirements of the software services, whether it is for web, mobile, desktop, embedded systems, or APIs. We follow a variety of automation strategies, including both manual and automated testing, to catch bugs and issues early and often throughout the services performance process and other services.

Automation tools and services approach help our team to maintain high global standards of quality and ensure that our products are free from errors and vulnerabilities. We understand that software testing services are an ongoing process, and our QA and management teams continuously optimize our test services and process by leveraging the latest tools and techniques in software testing. By doing so, we are able to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of our global customer base and drive the success of our company.

How do you ensure that the software is tested for security vulnerabilities?

To guarantee the quality of a mobile application services our test services and tools include software testing for security vulnerabilities. This requires the team to conduct a risk assessment and utilize both automated and manual testing tools, while keeping abreast of security threats. The test process starts at the same time as the software services to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, thereby ensuring user data is protected. Effective management of tools and data is crucial for the assurance of product quality, and it is a vital aspect of business success in today’s global market.

What methods do you use for test automation?

As a business services team, we prioritize quality test assurance by implementing various test techniques such as GUI, backend, and unit testing to ensure that the mobile and software products, data, and services meet the desired standards in a desired time frame. We also leverage automation tools and processes to save time and improve efficiency throughout the lifecycle. Data security is a top concern for our team, as we know the importance of protecting our customers’ data and information.

Our test and management teams are well-versed in cloud based technologies and mobile application services to create innovative products and services for our global customer business base. With a focus on process management and business strategy, our management and team work to streamline our test process services and create scalable business solutions that drive the success of the company.

How do you handle integration testing with other software components?

To handle software and mobile integration testing with other software components, our team utilizes a process that includes a combination of manual and automated quality tools. This data test process ensures the quality and functionality of the mobile application and the other software components. Effective management of time, data, and tools is essential to guaranteeing product quality and company satisfaction. As a company, we provide business services to your company that include thorough software and mobile testing, as well as services management, to ensure the smooth operation of the product. This is especially important in today’s global market, where the quality and performance of a product can significantly impact business success and time put into the company.

How do you stay current with the latest advancements in software testing?

Staying current in mobile and software test process is vital to ensure high-quality services and products. We also always check the availability of better tools for a quality assurance for the mobile application and software automation. Our management strategies include:
– Engage with online communities, events, and articles that discuss quality assurance of the mobile and desktop business software.
– Invest time in quality test training and certifications of our team.
– Use automation and data metrics to enhance testing.
– Collaborate with teams and use relative tools to optimize the time.
– Stay current with mobile app quality management.

How do you ensure that the software meets industry and regulatory standards?

To ensure that software services meet business industry and regulatory standards, the software services team runs a comprehensive software application test process that includes automation, team collaboration, and the use of industry-standard tools. Our company quality test team and management team take time align the software with business processes and goals, manage data appropriately, and allocate enough time for test services and business project management services. To test mobile applications, our company runs quality test automation to ensure compatibility with different devices and operating systems. For global products, our management ensures compliance test services with relevant mobile and software services, tools, and test quality assurance standards in different regions and countries and has enough time to fulfill all the data requirements.

Can you provide examples of your previous software testing projects?

At our company, we provide clients with test services to ensure that every project we test is perfectly ready for its release. We have a range of business case studies that showcase our expertise in management and testing services of various company services such as Salita, Benevis, and CityFalcon.

We value the time of our clients and make sure to meet all the business requirements and initial data to go through the test process. Our management team makes everything that is possible to save the time and meet all the data requirements of each business company and client.

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