Automated a Work Order Status Tracking

PropertyScheduler (ex. was initially conceived as a local software for tracking work order status for real estate managers and tenants. 


At the initial stage, the client built the platform for his usage, but working closely with property managers he saw a huge opportunity: American repair managers were looking for a reliable and straightforward way to track orders for various real estate technical works. That’s how the SaaS version of the leading software, called TheScheduler, was born. 


TheScheduler is used by multiple users, including repair techs, property managers, realtors, real estate investors, and vendors, to ensure convenient service times are appropriately scheduled and communicated to each involved party.


Similar solutions in the USA had several significant drawbacks. They were cumbersome and used email correspondence or voice messages that overloaded users.


Product: CRM, SaaS solution

The scope of our work: Back-End


Location: USA
Industry: Real Estate
Client Goal:

When we met our client, PropertyScheduler needed to support their local software. 

Our main goal was to extend software functionality, improve existing code, and improve a scheduling mechanism.

Implemented Features

Our team helped create a registration function for the SaaS product, TheScheduler. Now property owners and managers can register their employees to use the platform’s functionality further.


Sloboda Studio assisted with TheScheduler to create the scheduling function that helps repair company managers and single licensed workers generate a date and time slot for their property repairs.

PropertyRepair: SchedulingProperty Repair: Scheduling


Now, managers of repair companies, workers, and clients can view when the work is done.

PropertyRepair: Scheduling Property Repair: Schedule a Project


Our team helped create direct notifications using SMS with a clickable “yes” or “no” option for managers, technical staff, and customers. 

Also, now customers can receive a notification after confirmation and completion of repair work.

Project Status

Sloboda Studio developed an automatic feature that updates the status of the projects. Managers can see how rate changes automatically from open to completed, invoiced, or overdue.


PropertyRepair: StatuesPropertyScheduler: All project statuses


After the status of the project changes, the manager receives a notification about it so that it’s easy to track the actions of employees, their platform activity, and the speed of their work.


Financial Reports

Repair managers can request financial reports. Our team helped set up automatically generated requests for completed invoices and track employees’ time to perform specific technical services.

Automatic Payments Through Webhooks

Since the client’s local platform was created without Stripe integration, our team needed an automatic solution to connect payment forms with the platform. 

For payment notifications to be automatic, in real-time, and to create an account in the payment system, our team used Webhooks. 

Stripe uses HTTPS to send these notifications as a JSON payload to the app. Managers can then use these notifications to perform actions in their internal systems.


The project was not configured to the production environment and had some shortcomings, so the proper configuration improved user security.

Sloboda Studio has reduced the vulnerability of Laravel by turning off the display of logos and errors in dev mode. 

Also, for better reliability and protection from spam, it was decided to change the hosting to DigitalOcean.


As a result of our work, PropertyScheduler received expanded functionality for its software:

  1. Easy and comfortable registration function
  2. Scheduling 
  3. SMS notifications
  4. Different automatic statutes for each project
  5. Financial reports
  6. Automatic payments
  7. Security


Also, our team made extensive bug fixing and support of the main platform. 

Now the company plans to provide its property repair services not only in the USA but worldwide.

Our process

January 2021 — February 2022

1 back-end developer
Technologies we used



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