The Skills

Raised $4,9M

The Skills is an educational platform that produces and distributes online lessons from the world’s top athletes like Michael Phelps, Maria Sharapova, and Shaun White collecting payments with end-users for a subscription.

The company was founded in California in 2019 and currently provides over 200 online lessons for nine sports courses.  


Product: online sports education platform

The scope of our work: full-cycle development


Location: USA
Industry: E-Learning
Client Goal:

Our client aimed to expand their product with a number of features including:

  • intelligent automation for administrators and customers
  • dashboard creation with custom features
  • сlient-side creation with modern tech stack and custom functionality
  • extensive payment integration
  • mobile app creation 
  • manual website and mobile app testing
Our Solutions
Payment Integration and Optimization

When we first started working with the client, they already had an integrated payment system, Stripe. The Sloboda Studio team extended the Stripe payment feature on the Skills website to make it possible to do payment transactions from different countries.

the skills: home pageWebsite Home Page


We also implemented various payment mechanisms that enable the Skills to:

  • create the logic for the gift coupons and promo codes usage
  • generate discount computing system
  • optimize the payment process using a link that activates the discount only to new users


the skills giftsWebsite Home Page: Gifts Section


There was a difficulty with the query-display effect because some vital information (discounts, promo codes, etc) was stored in Stripe. If the discount needed to be deleted, there was no instant integration with the system, but a request for a Stripe came. We optimized this system to get an instant response.

Dashboard Creation

Our devs created an admin dashboard for managing the internal company’s process. We used Active Admin, a Ruby on Rails plugin, that generates administration-style interfaces.

We made it possible for admins to: 

  • Add users
  • Assign subscriptions
  • Create and deactivate promo codes
  • Manage content displayed on the website and mobile app
  • Set the video display order
  • Filter and search.


Our experts built a dashboard with analytical functionality that automatically provides statistics in the dashboard showing:

  • User visits
  • Subscription usage
  • Registration of new clients, etc. 


The Active Admin panel actively interacts with the site and the database, giving access for administrators to all the necessary information.

Collaborating on App’s Design and Front-end

Our team helped with the design and layout of the main page, existing and new course pages.

We also assisted with page markup using Slider for courses that depend on the screen size on various devices. Our team made theme customization that was already purchased. 

Our client used the Brightcove service to run the video, but we enriched it with a custom feature to start playback from the last viewing moment.

Mobile App Creation

Our mobile development team implemented a mobile application starting from the full-cycle development to publication in stores. The first challenge was to update Brightcove SDK. It was crucial to renovate the native part and the bridge for iOS and Android using Swift and Java.

skills Browse Page


The features we implemented within a mobile app were the following:

  • user profile
  • video player
  • push-notifications 
  • streaming service
  • the ability to add videos to favorites 
  • the opportunity to leave comments, likes, and captions


skillsCourses Section

the skills profileUser Profile






Our team of web, mobile, and QA experts helped the Skills to:

  • enrich product functionality
  • develop and launch a mobile app.


At the end of October 2020, our client raised $4,9 million and continues to grow.

Our process

February 2020 - July, 2022

front-end developer | full-stack developer | QA | mobile developer
Technologies we used

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