Bahnhof ( is a web and mobile application that helps commuters regularly get timely updates of any changes in train schedules. It provides automatic delivery of train schedules, allows users to find closest train stations or any train stations according to their specific requests. With this application, users can save their favorite stations, have quick access to recently viewed schedules, browse train stations using maps, find schedules of remote locations, etc.

Joel Martinez CPO at Smart Tools GmbH Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
Pavel and his team did a great job for this project. They are eager to solve any problems. And they are passionate about whole process. We had a perfect cooperation and it was a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend Sloboda Studio to anyone

client’s goals

Our client already had a mobile application and wanted to expand the market by providing their services to users with desktops, notebooks, tablets, etc. Therefore we had to develop a web version of Bahnhof with all functionalities of the existing mobile application.

our solutions

One of the most interesting challenges of the project was geolocation issues. The web application was intended for the use in Germany, while we were developing it in Ukraine. Therefore we emulated geolocation by using fake geolocation coordinates when we needed to find stations within 3 km from the ‘user’.




October 2016 December 2016


1 Front-end developer | 1 QA
Project Results

We delivered the web application in a very short time, and now Bahnhoff is successfully acquiring new clients, expanding their market.

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