Outsource People

Outsource People (www.outsource-people.com) is an online platform that facilitates coordination and management of a specialized business conference for owners and managers of IT-companies. This IT event is held semiannually, giving key ideas and inspiration to CEOs, Sales Managers and anyone who wants to bring their businesses to a new level.

Anastasiia Gordiievich COO at Outsource People Conference, Ukraine
We’ve been working with Sloboda Studio since 2014. We like their proactive approach - they are not problem-solvers, they are problem-preventers, always striving to envisage possible pitfalls, always searching for the most cost-effective and less time-consuming option. We are very happy with their excellent work!

client’s goals

Our main goal was to create a full-service platform that would provide all necessary services both for participants (registration, payment, notifications, etc) and hosts of the Outsource People conferences (CRM, CMS components, gamification elements, etc).

our solutions

Up to date, we have created 7 versions of the platform (one per each of the conferences, each obsolete version replaced by the most recent one). We started the project from scratch and developed it according to the client’s specifications.

One of the main challenges in the project was ensuring a smooth payment process. We had to take into account all payment systems used by conference participants and integrate them into the platform. We carefully tested each of those payment systems (manual testing).

Within the platform, each participant has their own private account where they can see a list of other participants, their contacts and tons of useful information pertaining to the event. We did our best to facilitate the registration process: if a participant faced any troubles during the registration and the process was interrupted, upon their request, the system generated an individual reference and sent them right to the stage where that fault had occurred. Thus, the participant had no need to restart the registration from the very beginning.

Apart from the payment issues, the key necessities of any event are interactive elements, greater flexibility and responsiveness to any last-minute changes. Therefore, we delivered a multifunctional administration panel that covers all those needs. These are only some of the main functionalities of the system.

  • Production of badges. Generating and printing out conference badges and packages (both individual and corporate) with JPEG to PDF conversion. Randomly generating team’s mascot images and adding them to badges (all participants take part in competitions and earn scores, all team members are selected randomly)
  • CMS and interactive components. Automated creation of subscription banners, possibility to upload conference programs, photos of speakers and participants, announcements and ads via admin panel, demonstration of team scores (gamification element of the conference), broadcast of twits marked with the OP conference hashtags with the help of sliders in real time.  
  • CRM and KPI tracking components. Automated calculation of discounts (both for individual and corporate  participants), set up of currency exchange rates, set up of  deadlines for discounts and price changes. We also provided the possibility to conclude agreements for participation in the conferences (upon request of corporate participants).

Also, an OP customer can track how many participants bought their tickets from a certain sales manager, how and when potential participants were engaged (UTM marks), etc. With the help of our special billing feature, our partners have possibility to track all participants that used their promo code.

Working on this version of the platform, we had to overcome some difficulties with different time zones. The site is hosted in Ukraine, but we needed to switch it to the Poland time zone, as the current conference will be held in Poland.

project stages

1. Initial stage

Analysis of customer’s business model

Architecture planning

2. Improved MVP

Design improvement

Building a scalable architecture

New Processing

Connecting GNIP API

Basic Scoring algorithm

3. Private Beta

Enterprise API

Scoring algorithm improvement

UX analysis

4. Public Beta

Scalable infrastructure

Voice devices

Optimization of response time

Scoring algorithm 2.0

Increasing the number of data sources and topics’ coverage


Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)


September 2014 October 2017


2 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer | 1 QA | 1 Designer
Project Results

In October 2018, the last 7th Outsource People conference was held. Since October 2014 their audience has been steadily growing from 300 participants in Kharkiv to 1000 persons in Kyiv. The total number of participants is 4000+.

We’ve heavily rebuilt the platform’s architecture and got rid of hardcode. We’ve striven to enhance the flexibility of the system with the help of a new, improved admin panel. The panel introduces more automated processes, facilitate maintenance of the system and expands its CMS functions (uploading texts, photos, videos, FAQs, etc) so that any changes (for instance, changes in the conference program) are introduced faster and with less effort. The number of site visitors increased to 3K clicks per day.

Also, Sloboda Studio team has prepared a mobile version of the platform.

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