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Reached $196 billion with revenue growth of 43%

Our client is an Internet company that has been a significant market leader in online gaming since it was founded in Berlin in 2000. The company consists of four subsidiary platforms in different countries. It develops and promotes an online games streaming platform and also operates in the marketplace area, selling various game attributes in its web store.


Location: Germany
Industry: Gaming
All of Sloboda Studio’s resources are highly motivated: I’ve never encountered anyone who wasn’t interested in working hard. It’s really fun to work with them, and I can scale the team to include any technology I want. They’re able to provide developers to me as soon as possible — and at awesome rates. They’re reliable partners.
Director of Engineering
Client Goal:

Sloboda Studio assisted the gaming company in scaling up its development team and providing developers efficiently. The main project goals were:


  • Client side creation and support with modern tech stack and custom functionality
  • Old back-end interaction with the latest front-end and perform code regeneration
  • Fast and active creation of new landing pages for launched games and contests
Our Solutions:

Sloboda Studio has enabled talented experts to expand the client’s dev team with Ruby on Rails, Java, React, DevOps, and front-end specialists. 

Sloboda Studio also provides a tech lead and a project manager who solve all to get the maximum productive result.

Working on the Client Side of the Platform

Our task was to update both the client side of the platform and the web store. The Sloboda team conducted: 

  • Updating terms and conditions
  • Adding payment systems and new features
  • Setting up email and cookies systems
  • Template migration to the modern tech stack, such as React and Next.js, for setting up the best SEO opportunities


In close cooperation with the client’s designers, Sloboda Studio helped to create a platform and redesign the store. We provided the client with a UX experience that helped to improve the functionality and personalize the critical points related to the distribution of the game in different countries of the world.

Connecting Back-End with Front-End

An essential task for the developers was to connect the old back-end with the new front-end. Our experts started with bug fixing to work smoothly, migrated the logging for the microservice, controlled the business logic, and added new configurations.

For more efficient operation, we replaced the data format from XML to JSON. Since the platform didn’t have a single hosting but many different options, this created significant difficulties. As a result, the entire system was transferred to a single hosting.

Creating New Landing Pages for Launched Games

Due to the company’s growth in the global market and the merger of platforms, our client began to release new games and contests with a high frequency. That’s why it was necessary to create multiple landing pages for their launched games, contests, and special occasions in a tight timeline.


Sloboda Studio optimized the complex architecture to change the platform qualitatively and acted as UX experts in creating the client side of the leading gaming platform.

For several years of active cooperation with Sloboda Studio, our client has significantly expanded its customer database. 

In 2020, the company’s profit grew to $196 billion, showing no signs of slowing down:


  •  80% payment system usage growth
  •  50% players activity growth
  •  2.5 million regular online users
Our process

January 2017 - ongoing

1 back-end developer | 3 front-end developers | 2 QA/ DevOps | PM | Teach Lead
Technologies we used
JSON web token

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