SwipeNews (http://swipenews.com/) is reinventing the news aggregation model to bring you a wide range of angles to the most relevant stories. With help of SwipeNews, you can:

  • discover the key stories covered by multiple media outlets
  • compare coverage across a wide spectrum of media
  • make your own mind up on key events
Sloboda Studio helped with every step of the project, from helping to define the scope and setting out the idea to execution and project management. I was very satisfied with the team's attitude and the result given the limited budget. Great communication and ownership throughout the project.

client’s goals

For this project, on our part, we have developed a holistic solution to the logic of data processing.

our solutions

There are sources, each source has own feeds, for each feed and source, the status of the feed and the source as a whole is displayed with the status display.

Feeds are divided into topics for the purpose of submitting news filtering.

24 sources of 86 feeds (RSS feeds).

The log-in news is downloaded in full (Title, Short description, Full text), cleaned of debris (stop words, punctuation marks, decreased to normal form). A statistical evaluation and selection of simple (from one word) and complex trends (and several) are carried out.

Making a record of similarity between news, with the formation of a coefficient of similarity based on Key words, Abbreviations, Trends, Complex Trends. Trend Abbreviations.

Clustering. Dynamic clustering with the ability to view a more general structure. (Modified for the needs of this service Single Link clusterizer).

The system settings include the weight of various coefficients.

project stages

1. Initial stage

Analysis of customer’s business model

Architecture planning

2. Improved MVP

Design improvement

Building a scalable architecture

New Processing

Connecting GNIP API

Basic Scoring algorithm

3. Private Beta

Enterprise API

Scoring algorithm improvement

UX analysis

4. Public Beta

Scalable infrastructure

Voice devices

Optimization of response time

Scoring algorithm 2.0

Increasing the number of data sources and topics’ coverage




May 2016 Now


3 Back-end developers | 1 Front-end developer | 1 QA

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