Why choose Stripe for your business

Why choose Stripe for your business

The business life is full of necessary decisions that we have to make time and time again. One such decision is choosing and implementing the online payment system. The question about which payment gateway to use is very prevalent nowadays. If you are looking for a payment solution for your Ruby on Rails App, you definitely will find some options. Choosing online payment gateway solutions for your business is one of them.

We chose to review the Stripe integration first, as this method is more common for us and our clients.

Let’s find out what is Stripe payment gateway.

What is Stripe?

So, what is Stripe payment? Stripe is an international system that allows people and businesses to make or receive payments online. Stripe serves as a mediator between buyers and sellers. This service handles all issues connected with credit card payments, including data storage security, regular payments, and withdrawals.

Why Choose Stripe?

Which online payment system is best? The modern market provides a wide variety of payment processing systems, and choosing the right one might be a real challenge. Let’s see which factors you should consider when choosing Stripe online payments for your business:

  • StabilityThe system will work perfectly and accept payments without delays or errors.
  • Transparency of Payments – Stripe online payment solution for website does not charge hidden fees from businesses nor customers.
  • Reliable reputation – Stripe has successfully operated on the market for several years and has proven itself as a trustworthy payment processor.
  • Usability of the interfaceThe system is easy-to-use and has extensive documentation for developers.
  • UniversalityIt works with all types of currencies, banks and credit cards and can be introduced in any type of online platform. We have some examples of our work too – you can review our TikkTalk project, where we have Stripe integration.

The core functionality of Stripe

  • Accepting payments

Does Stripe accept international payments? Yes! By generating a one-time token, Stripe quickly and securely validates the sensitive details of the credit cards (such as expiration date and CVV-code) and handles the transactions.

  • Creating the subscriptions

With Stripe online payment gateway solution, you can charge your customers on a daily basis using a subscription. You just need to create one using your Stripe dashboard and set the price of your future subscription.

  • Stripe Sigma

Stripe Sigma is an analytics tool that will help your business track payment data. By sending simple SQL queries, you can obtain the recent statistics of your business and export it to a CSV file. The system stores all previously performed queries, so you can run any one of them, at any time.

  • Stripe Atlas

Stripe Atlas helps any global business start-up, from anywhere on Earth. With Stripe Atlas, it is possible to remotely register a US-based company located in Delaware. The newly established legal entity will have all the necessary documentation to begin operations, an account in a US bank, and access to the services of consultants.

The business and development benefits

Stripe is famous for its high speed and high security payment processing. For business owners and developers, Stripe provides convenient payment software for website integration.

Detailed Documentation

Stripe is focused on developers, so it has extensive documentation, written in a simple language, so anyone can understand its API, products, and features . The documentation also contains ample ready-made solutions for the various programming languages, as well as possibilities for online payment software solutions testing and customization for Stripe.

Custom Libraries

Stripe has custom libraries for a majority of programming languages, including Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Javascript and Node.js, allowing developers to focus on the product. With the use of these libraries, it is no longer necessary to write the additional subprograms in order to integrate the API in the initial codebase.

Testing Environment

Apart from the main documentation and libraries, Stripe has created documents and a bug-free testing environment. The online payment software provides dozens of sample credit card numbers for testing, including invalid numbers that return specific error codes.

What about Stripe alternatives?

And which online payment system is best? The popular alternatives to Stripe have such comparable features:

  • MANGOPAY – Has small API and supports users via phone in English, German, and French.
  • AdyenHas clear documentation, and is easy to integrate, too.
  • PaypalHas comparably larger fees (2.9%+$ 0.30 per one transaction), and is much more difficult to integrate.
  • DwollaLike Stripe, supports users 24/7. Also has a live chat for users, as well.
  • SkrillAllows people to perform a credit card and email transactions. You can even withdraw cash from ATMs.

Stripe is the perfect choice among website payment solutions, enabling to choose from various payment systems and instruments.

In Sloboda studio, we see Stripe online payment gateway as reliable, convenient and easy to integrate. This system is the most frequently chosen by our clients, and we know this firsthand from our own experience. So if your project needs a Stripe integration, feel free to contact us – we are always ready to help.

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