Yaroslav Titenok

Job Title: CEO of Sloboda StudioAbout the author:

Yaroslav had an amazing career ladder in our company-from web developer to CEO of Sloboda Studio.

His motto is “Even rocket science is not rocket science”

Yar is a Master of Physical Sciences and a big fan of the Medtech industry.

Favourite Topics:

tech tricks, payment integrations, machine learning, medtech, biotech

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Taxi! … Taxi! … Well, that’s pretty tiring. It is true that hailing a taxi in 2020 seems obsolete. Instead, there are ride-sharing apps that are doing a great job at picking someone up at…

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This internship is about seeking out talent, studying, and learning while also sharing your experience and knowledge with others. We organized our internship program to tutor a new generation of software developers and find talented…

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How to hire software developers? This is like looking for a new family member. Sloboda Studio is a constantly growing company and recruiting plays a significant role in our company. But we have to confess…

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