Yaroslav Titenok

Job Title: Chief Strategy Officer of Sloboda StudioAbout the author:

Yaroslav had an amazing career ladder in our company-from web developer to Chief Strategy Officer of Sloboda Studio.
His motto is “Even rocket science is not rocket science”.

Yaroslav is a Master of Physical Sciences and a big fan of the Medtech industry.

Yaroslav Titenok has been working in IT for over 9 years, starting his career as a Junior Ruby Developer. Yaroslav's journey has been fast and exciting.

Through his career path from Junior Developer, Tech Lead, and CEO at Sloboda Studio, Yaroslav has learned and grown. Starting July 2022, Yaroslav took on a new role as Sloboda Studio's Chief Strategy Officer.

Favourite Topics:

tech tricks, payment integrations, machine learning, medtech, biotech

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