Success Stories of our clients Over 10 years we have developed 150+ projects.
Here are some of them.
10 Years on
the Market
200+ Successful
70 Web
$10M Raised
by Clients
Helps over 2000 patients per year FlightHealth
USA #Healthcare
Flight Health Flight Health is an online healthcare platform that connects doctors and patients, allowing them to keep all the information in one place, make appointments, and pay for services.
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Perform 150,000 medical diagnostic tests every year Cerascreen
Germany #Healthcare
Cerascreen Cerascreen is a German start-up that provides different health tests to enable point-of-care trials for patients at home.
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Hudson Medical
USA #Healthcare
Hudson Medical + Wellness Hudson Medical + Wellness is a medical practice based in New York City.
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Huggies Video processing software for the marketing campaign of Huggies, subsidiary of Kimberly-Clark.
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USA #Healthcare
Uniting Health Uniting Health is an online platform for organizing, sharing and participating in various activities dedicated to healthcare and well-being.
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75K+ users Creyos
Canada #Healthcare
Creyos Creyos comprises two leading B2B and B2C platforms that assess brain functions and brain health based on 25+ years of scientific research.
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Netherlands #Healthcare
MyDailyLifestyle MyDailyLifestyle is a platform providing lifestyle and wellness coaching for employees in various industries.
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