Success Stories of our clients Over 10 years we have developed 150+ projects.
Here are some of them.
10 Years on
the Market
200+ Successful
70 Web
$10M Raised
by Clients
Acquired by Amazon Veeqo
UK #Transportation
Veeqo Veeqo is an inventory and shipping platform for e-commerce. It allows managing orders from multiple channels and keeping track of inventory from multiple warehouses.
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Processes 5,000 calls/day Callme bot
USA #Transportation
CallMeBot CallMeBot is a phone bot created to automate the sales processes of a British car dealer.
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First Marketplace for Scooter Rides in Los Angeles Split
USA #Transportation
Split First Uber-like application for scooter rides in Los Angeles.
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Germany #Transportation
Bahnhof Bahnhof project comprises web and mobile applications that help commuters to get updates on changes in train schedules.
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