10 Years on
the Market
200+ Successful
70 Web
$10M Raised
by Clients
Perform 150,000 medical diagnostic tests every year Cerascreen
Germany #Healthcare
Cerascreen Cerascreen is a German start-up that provides different health tests to enable point-of-care trials for patients at home.
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Reached $196 billion with revenue growth of 43% Gaming
Germany #Gaming
Gaming Publisher Platform Gaming Publisher Platform has been a significant market leader in online gaming since it was founded in Berlin in 2000.
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Germany #Real Estate
Property Management System Property Management System is a software application that is used to manage multiple properties.
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Digitalized the Corporate Processes Enterprise Automation App
Germany #Manufacturing
Enterprise Automation App Enterprise app to digitize and automate the internal business processes and orders' processing.
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Raised $20M Applift
Germany #Marketing & Advertising
Applift BI AppLift is a German leader in the mobile advertising market, which helps mobile app advertisers, where they can take control of every stage of their app marketing lifecycle.
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Germany #Transportation
Bahnhof Bahnhof project comprises web and mobile applications that help commuters to get updates on changes in train schedules.
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Germany #Marketing & Advertising
Applift DataLift 360 DataLift 360, used by AppLift, is a programmatic platform providing advanced data integration, extended targeting and audience management capabilities.
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