Success Stories of our clients Over 10 years we have developed 150+ projects.
Here are some of them.
10 Years on
the Market
200+ Successful
70 Web
$10M Raised
by Clients
USA #Media & PR
SalesFolk SalesFolk is a managed service marketplace for copywriters that focuses on the outbound email templates.
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UK #Media & PR
SwipeNews SwipeNews is an online news aggregator that analysis and collects news with machine learning text processing and natural language text processing.
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Biggest IT conference in Europe
Ukraine #Media & PR
Outsource People Outsource People is an online platform that facilitates the coordination and management of the biggest European IT conference.
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Raised over $2M TikkTalk
Norway #Media & PR
Salita (TikkTalk) Skiwo (TikkTalk) is B2G and B2C online marketplace for interpreting services.
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