TikkTalk (Skiwo AS)

TikkTalk: raised more than $1M


Industry: Translation

Headquarters: Oslo, Norway

TikkTalk (Skiwo AS) is a B2G (business to government) and B2C marketplace that offers access to different interpreters over video and phone conference on a number of platforms (web, Skype for Business, mobile apps).  

Governments and organizations can get immediate access to a worldwide pool of interpreters filterable by language, certification level and evaluation. In the meantime, interpreters can log in, demonstrate their abilities by uploading their certifications and gain access to interpretation jobs around the world.

We met our client at the idea-stage of the project which led to the creation of a platform that would connect interpreters with businesses, governments, and individuals, and provide private meeting rooms with in-person assignments. In short, we’ve built the platform from scratch.

Gautam Chandna CEO at Skiwo AS Oslo, Norway
Working with Sloboda Studio has been a pleasure. Sloboda Studio's forward-thinking approach has allowed us to plan both short and long-term, while still ensuring regular releases with feature upgrades. Since February 2016, Sloboda Studio has passionately developed and delivered software to Skiwo AS, and we look forward to continuing our work with them.

client’s goals

The initial goal was to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that would allow for the showcasing of the most important features to the first users and investors. As with any startup, time was of the essence.

our solutions

Top Challenges

1. Different locations of interpreters and users

The main challenge of the project was to make a user-friendly platform with simple and low time-consuming processes. We needed to take into account many peculiarities within the interpretation processes so that interpreters would be able to work from any place they liked.

Our solution: To provide the best experience for both groups of users, we implemented the video call function. It allows the interpreters to work from home or from specially equipped video rooms. The video call function was implemented with the help of Pexip – an application based on WebRTC. It allows for the handling of calls between several participants, the addition of new members during the session, and accessibility to the call from a third-party platform, like Skype.

Later, Pexip was substituted for VideoNor. It is an easy-to-use tool fully compatible with WebRTC and all existing video chat solutions. It also allows for the customization of the video interface by adding new buttons and creating branded meeting rooms that help the participants to feel like they are attending the meeting in their own office

2. Finding the right interpreter

Our solution: In order to find the right specialist, the user sets the conditions i.e. language, means of connecting (in-person work, work from home or especially -equipped video room) etc. We introduced a matching algorithm that offers the user a list of available interpreters and sorts them according to relevance.

Implemented Features

The MVP includes:

  • the ability to post an assignment with specific requirements: time, qualification
  • the ability to post an assignment as private or public
  • matching mechanism
  • the ability to invite selected interpreters
  • Interpreters can see relevant jobs and review details
  • Interpreters can send an application to the job
  • Interpreters and buyers can have a session offline or online in the video room inside the site
  • Buyers can see applications, chat with the interpreters, negotiate price and award a job to the selected interpreter
  • Buyers can pay for the interpretation session by card
  • Settings for enterprise clients (users):
    • having multiple departments
    • management of roles
    • additional settings for the assignments: auto-award of job, bonuses, fixed rate
    • invoice payments
    • invoice settings
  • Notifications module
  • Internationalization
  • Mobile applications

project stages

1. MVP

Analysis of customer’s business model

Development of core features – creation of the assignment and video call

Building a scalable architecture

2. Private Beta

Design improvement

Search through the interpreters

Connection to Vianor API

3. Public Beta

Mobile applications

Calendar feature

Arabic localization

Public profiles

4. Live product

Enterprise features

Ad-hoc booking

Multipost assignments

Departments of enterprise

Migration to the microservices


I18N [2 languages]
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)


February 2016 Now


4 Back-end developers | 3 Front-end developers | 2 QA
Project Results
  • TikkTalk has raised more than $1M in two rounds of seed investments: the first in October 2016 by StartupLab – NOK7M and the second in February 2018 by Tharald Nustad in the amount of NOK2.9M.
  • TikkTalk is now a member of StartupLab, the biggest startup incubator in Norway.
  • TikkTalk was featured by PUBLIC Team in their list of the most exciting and innovative startups set to transform Europe’s GovTech market.
  • GSMA Mobile for Development has picked TikkTalk as a “project to watch” for refugee assistance.
  • TikkTalk participated in Techfugees Summit in 2018 and was listed as one of the most innovative new tech-related projects to help refugees and NGOs.
  • Right now, TikkTalk offers online translation services and has more than 1700 Interpreters ready to help. The platform collaborates with governmental healthcare organizations. The online translation marketplace connects users from 72 countries and supports 67 languages. TikkTalk has 1,247 monthly web visitors.

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