#Tech 9 min

2020 changed the digital world. Almost every person had to turn to video conferencing services. And I bet that you can’t already imagine life without video communication. Could you know that it’s been a century…

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  Data processing is a topic that attracts huge interest nowadays. Data processing software examples developed by leading IT companies impact all industries and have the ability to make any business process a lot simpler….

#Tech 8 min

  Choosing a front-end development tool can be a tricky and wearisome decision. Comparing VueJS vs ReactJS, along with other tools that can be included in a comprehensive comparison, is a highly relevant topic, especially…

#Tech 11 min

  No matter what business you are running, it does not really exist if it has no manifestation on World Wide Web. However, having a website is not the end of the story . It…

#Tech 5 min

  A long time ago the world of a frontend reminded a set of chaotic pieces of a code designed to create functionality for a client part of a web application. There was a lack…

#Tech 9 min

  Why is Ruby on Rails the best choice for web development? Rails is a pretty popular development environment, which is considered among the most practical. RoR is suitable for teams of varying size –…

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Professional developers often face the difficulties associated with user interface creation. Even working in such a comfortable environment as Ruby on Rails, when making changes to the code (and this happens very often), we have…

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