#Tech 9 min

  Why is Ruby on Rails the best choice for web development? Rails is a pretty popular development environment, which is considered among the most practical. RoR is suitable for teams of varying size –…

#Tech 4 min

Professional developers often face the difficulties associated with user interface creation. Even working in such a comfortable environment as Ruby on Rails, when making changes to the code (and this happens very often), we have…

As technology constantly evolves, new web development tools and frameworks emerge in the market. Even though this provides lots of options for devs and startup owners to choose from, that variety is a double-edged sword….

#Tech 2 min

In this 21st century, we have quite a huge number of people conversing with Ruby on Rails but have no idea that some interesting or favorable websites they use were built using Ruby on Rails….

#Guides #Tech 3 min

  Choosing the technology for your startup is not the easiest task. If you’ve chosen Ruby on Rails, then we want to congratulate you. You’ve made the right choice! But before you start your project,…

#Tech 6 min

  There have been a scenario whereby clients come with an existing source code for refactoring because it has lots of bugs and it’s not running efficiently, a situation whereby the client decides to change…

#Tech 2 min

Automation is a great thing. “If you do anything more than once you should write a script”. Of course, they’re always a place for quick and dirty hacks for “right here and right now”. They…

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