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There are a lot of development companies out there, but how many of them can truthfully say that they’re familiar with emerging technologies?  Here at Sloboda Studio, we can confidently say that we know the…

#Sloboda 3 min

This internship is about seeking out talent, studying, and learning while also sharing your experience and knowledge with others. We organized our internship program to tutor a new generation of software developers and find talented…

#Sloboda 6 min

How to hire software developers? This is like looking for a new family member. Sloboda Studio is a constantly growing company and recruiting plays a significant role in our company. But we have to confess…

#Sloboda 3 min, a renowned research and review platform for B2B firms, in a press release listing the top Ruby on Rails developers has Sloboda Studio as a leading service provider.  Ever wondered on which platform…

#Sloboda 2 min

  “An expert is one with special skills or mastery of a particular subject.”   For those who are looking to build or rebuild their company website, selecting a developer can be a daunting task….

#Sloboda 6 min

Are you a Ruby on Rails developer striving for knowledge and looking for like-minded people? Or maybe you want to create your own meetup but don’t know how? We used to be like you… And…

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We’ve recently talked about pros and cons of Ruby on Rails framework in our blog and named a number of cool features RoR has to offer you., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, also…

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