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Famous Ruby on Rails websites


In this 21st century where we have quite a huge number of people who are conversant with Ruby on Rails but have no idea that some interesting or favourable websites they use were built using Ruby on Rails.

There are numerous websites under the category of FinTech, E-commerce, Gambling, Sports, E-learning, booking system that was created using Ruby on Rails. Creating a website with Ruby on Rails tends to be a viable option when developing this listed platform as they tend to give you all the pleasure needed.

As you read further in this article, you see the best Ruby on Rails websites examples as I pinpoint 10 most popular website built on Rails in 2017 ranking. We have numerous Ruby on Rails websites example but this article limits itself to few of them.



1. Airbnb

Airbnb happens to be the most popular and trusted booking and reservation websites around the world. It gives a good platform for people to showcase to millions of people what they have and make the booking effortless.




2. ASKfm
Askfm has a platform that believes what builds conversation are questions and answers. askfm is a global network that is built with the format of questions and answers. It provides an exciting positive environment for learning.




3. Bleacherreport
Bleacher Report is a leading digital platform for specific sports content and real-time event coverage. It is rated as one of the fastest growing digital properties in the United States. Fans make a request and the Bleacher reports curate and delivers the content they are seeking.




4. Clarity
Clarity is a service that makes an individual or business improve their productivity. It’s a platform where users can find, schedule and pay expert for advice irrespective of your business.




5. Dribble
Dribble is a community of designers for questions and answers. it comprises of different designers showcasing their work and explore their designs.




6. Fiverr
Fiverr is a freelance community platform for entrepreneurs. The marketplace provides nearly every digital services making the freelance economy online.




7. Github
Github is a development platform that brings team members together to solve problems, simplify ideas and also a platform for learning amongst team members. It helps in sharing the weight of your work among the team members efficiently.




8. Goodreads
Goodreads is one of the world’s largest platform for readers and book recommendation. It helps you find interesting books to read, share the books with friends, and recommend to people on your friend list. You can as well keep track of the books you read and suggestions that are tailored to your library.




9. Jobster
Jobster is a recruiting website that involves job posting and recruiting process. It allows you to keep track of all clients, candidates and offers to report jobster post.




10. Indiegogo
Indiegogo is a platform that redefines entrepreneurship from being a privilege to a right. It’s mission is to empower people to unite around ideas that matter to them and together actualise the ideas and make them come to life.



In conclusion, here are the 10 best websites built on Ruby on Rails in as been recorded in the year 2017. If you are about to startup your business and eventually they happen to fall in this categories, this will help you in making a decision on which technology to use. Feel free to drop your comments and critics.


Dagala Wadzani

Dagala Wadzani

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