Ruby programming language was born in 1995. Its Rails framework was released 10 years later. Has anyone counted how many projects were written in all that time? Rails is primarily a startup technology and there…

#Tech 4 min

Web application frameworks are like cars. One may be good for racing. Another may assist you with massive tasks like a monster truck. And some are dependable everyday cars that are perfect for day-to-day needs….

#Tech 3 min

Once Ruby on Rails came into play, the popularity of Ruby programming language changed.  Nonetheless, there are still many people who confuse Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Let us act out a two-role play of…

#Tech 5 min

  Both loved. Both popular. Both good for web development. But which one should you choose for YOUR project? Let’s take a short quiz to find out.   Ruby versus Java: what are you building?…

#Tech 7 min

  In the fight of two’s, only one can win.    Who would it be: PHP or Ruby? Ruby and PHP programming languages have been competitors since day one of their first appearances. Since then,…

#Tech 6 min

From Flutter’s birth till Flutter’s growing up, we’ve seen it all! Those first awkward steps on the way to growing popularity. Our development team has worked with Flutter from the very beginning of its existence….

#Tech 5 min

Do you love Christmas gifts? Just wait for the 2020 winter holidays! 2020 will be a big year for the whole Ruby community. The Ruby founders have a really great present in store for us…

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