#Tech 7 min

  In the fight of two’s, only one can win.    Who would it be: PHP or Ruby? Ruby and PHP programming languages have been competitors since day one of their first appearances. Since then,…

#Tech 6 min

From Flutter’s birth till Flutter’s growing up, we’ve seen it all! Those first awkward steps on the way to growing popularity. Our development team has worked with Flutter from the very beginning of its existence….

#Tech 5 min

Do you love Christmas gifts? Just wait for the 2020 winter holidays! 2020 will be a big year for the whole Ruby community. The Ruby founders have a really great present in store for us…

#Tech 5 min

Choosing between Ruby and Python is like choosing between black and white: they are BOTH are stylish and practical, but only one will suit YOU. At first, they look very similar. But with a closer…

#Tech 7 min

As the requests of developers and users change, so do technologies. As the main tools for the creation of applications, frameworks are no different. What was convenient and popular yesterday, may lose necessity and demand…

#Tech 11 min

In recent years, Big Data technologies left the business area of IT and were introduced into the different fields of our everyday life: state structures, business, science, healthcare, etc. On the example of the healthcare…

#Tech 9 min

React.js is a Javascript framework popular for its simplicity. While other frameworks realize a full Model View Controller approach, React realizes only Views. The other thing React is loved for is that it doesn’t require…

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