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Ruby on Rails – why do people choose it for Web?


When one is choosing proper tools for development, it is natural they seek for a powerful one that will accelerate the process greatly and help to spend less money for implementation. It sounds like a dream, but not anymore. Being relatively new, the community-driven open-source project, Ruby on Rails development framework become a favorite solution for many projects:


What makes web development with Ruby on Rails so easy and unique and what kind of benefits it suggests?



MVC Architecture


This application architecture is claimed to be very simple to operate with. As it lies on the basis of RoR framework, the development becomes much easier and less time-consuming:


Such a global app architecture helps to navigate in complex systems and simplifies the visualization mechanism.



Ruby Gems


The Ruby programming language and specifically RoR framework have a well-developed community, where coders discuss, consult, and share additional tools for its enhancement. Only the official repository has more than 8 thousand special self-contained add-ons/libraries called “gems”. The plentitude of different gems, if applied, is able to enhance your development process greatly, and package manager enables designing and distributing your own add-ons. Existing gems can implement such processes as:


These tools and their benefits clearly demonstrate one of the main Ruby on Rails development principle: reasonable defaults are better than constant configuration.



Best Choice for Short Development Iterations


To a greater extent, the popularity of RoR is caused by its relevance for small teams consisting of up to ten participants and for software development methodologies with short iterations, such as, for instance, Lean or Agile. It allows expenses and time minimizing, so long wished by project managers of both commercial startups and non-commercial projects.



Integrated Testing Tools


Testing is an extremely important part of a development process, which is closely connected to the product’s quality. It is natural that an environment with integrated testing tools will encourage the overall product quality and consistency. Such amazing tools as RSpec and Cucumber allow using debuggers, test scenarios add-ons at any time of the process of creation an app and fix bugs immediately. This approach reduces time loss significantly and increases product’s security and reliability.



Data Handling in RoR Framework


The data handling in Ruby on Rails programming deserves a story of its own. The simplicity and agility of database and web server integration in Ruby made it the most popular solution for online stores, libraries, and catalogs. What is indicative for RoR, it is the distinction of three different stage of app lifecycle.


For simpler operation RoR creates different databases for each of these stages that fasten in- and outcoming data streams processing.



Summary: Ruby for Web


The creators of RoR took care of making it a perfect framework for website creation and built it on several theses:


Following these principles helped Ruby on Rails to establish in a dynamic web development world. Ruby for web is an increasingly popular tendency in the world of web technologies, so it is definitely worth your attention.

Alex Morgunov

Alex Morgunov

Project Lead

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