Fortune Wheel HR

Fortune Wheel HR is a SaaS-based app that has created a gamified reward system for various companies that want to diversify everyday corporate life, and individual users who would like to participate in quizzes and receive valuable prizes.

The company provides businesses with the application to gamify workflows and create an excellent corporate culture. The company’s clients are CISCO, CMPD, DSC Logistics, and American Red Cross.


The Fortune Wheel HR platform has two types of modes:


  1. Fun mode, where users can play every day, answer questions in various categories and earn specific bonuses that can be exchanged for different prizes.
  2. Work mode, where company managers can:


  • Add their employees
  • Create a team
  • Perform specific tasks help increase employee productivity in the workplace
  • Improve communication and interaction within teams
  • Build excellent opportunities to receive prizes for completing certain tasks.


Product: mobile app

The scope of our work: back-end

Location: USA

Industry: HR

Location: Canada
Industry: HR
Client Goal:

The client came to Sloboda Studio with the goal of application improvement and the creation of new features for the mobile app.

Work Mode

Work mode is suitable for corporate use to make communication within the company more attractive and exciting, unite teams, and diversify working days.

Fun Mode

This is an entertaining application with various tasks that the users must complete every day. Otherwise, their bonuses will expire. 

The ultimate goal of rewards is to participate in a winning day and choose a particular egg, under which valuable prizes are hidden. There is also an internal currency of coins on the platform.

If users skip the gaming process for a day, they lose their bonuses. To help the app regulate and calculate coins, Fortune Wheel HR uses the Python Machine Learning and Data Science server.


Our team has developed and implemented a quiz system for the fun mode of the app. The user answers various questions from various categories to earn coins that later can be exchanged for prizes.

Wheel of Fortune

When users collect enough coins, they can spend them by scrolling the interactive “wheel of fortune”. Our experts have designed the wheel so that after playing this game, a particular prize falls out, and it is possible to win an egg with a cash prize.

Eggs and Nets

Our experts developed eggs and created 100 items, like a special present that users can win while participating in quizzes. Users can buy eggs for a friend. Customers can open the eggs and then receive some gifts hidden inside.


Our team developed a unique feature called hammers. If users win or buy an egg, they need to choose the right hammer to destroy the egg and win the prize.

Stripe Integration

For the fun mode, our experts implemented Stripe for users that want to buy eggs, part of an egg, or sets for themselves or friends using a referral system.

However, Stripe’s payment abilities in the fun mode were limited only to the purchase of eggs. This means that users cannot buy hammers using Stripe; for this, they can instead use Apple or Google Pay. 


Our team also developed a verification system for Apple and Google Pay selling. The payment verification comes is processed by the payment service, and then enters the mobile application.

Referral System

The Sloboda Studio team developed a referral system for the fun mode of the app. Each user can buy an egg or a set of eggs for a friend and send a link. 

If friends are registered in the system, they receive a link to the gift by email. 

If a friend is not registered, then an SMS notification is sent. Users can also buy gifts for their friends using coins as an internal currency.

Shopify Integration

Our team integrated Shopify into the fun mode. This service allowed us to create a functional but straightforward store to purchase various items for the application, including eggs, hammers, and more.

Creating a Micro Service Architecture

Our team switched from monolithic Ruby to microservice Java to increase productivity, create a better workflow, and create a more flexible application architecture.


Sloboda Studio experts have created a built-in leaderboard for platform participants. Users can see where they are in the standings, how others are progressing, etc.

API Implementation

Our experts worked on creating multiple APIs that will interact with Python to calculate bonuses and the correct operation of the application logic. 

This application architecture allowed our team to write an intuitive logic with a minimum of code. 

Sloboda Studio developers have also connected analytical data for advertising and marketing activities for the fun mode using a Facebook built-in API. Facebook has its own built-in API that collects data and analytics, and then sends this data directly to the platform to show certain ads for a specific user.

Admin Panel for Managers

Using React and Ruby on Rails, our team created an admin panel for managers, information for which is collected from the work application itself. 

With the help of this admin panel, managers can:

  • choose prizes for a specific task
  • set goals for participants
  • view the work and completion of tasks by each employee
  • create a new mission
  • confirm the completion of any particular task, etc.
Optimization of the Internal Memory of the Application

Since the app needed to be light for easy loading, our team worked on optimizing the images and creating a specific compression of all information, without losing the quality needed to upload the application to stores. 

In addition to this, our developers implemented a “lazy loading” technique, further optimizing loading.


As a result of our cooperation, the company upgraded its mobile platform to two types of modes: for work and fun. We have implemented the following functionality:

  1. Admin Panel for Managers
  2. Quizzes
  3. Fortune Wheel
  4. Eggs and Nets
  5. Stripe Connection
  6. Hammers
  7. Referral System
  8. Shopify Integration
  9. Micro Service App Structure Creation
  10. Leaderboard
  11. API Implementation
  12. Analytics
  13. Internal Memory and Store Optimization

As a result of memory optimization, the application downloads twice as fast as before.

Our process

May 2021 - Ongoing

8 developers
Technologies we used
Ruby on Rails
Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)



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