10 Must Have Ruby Gems for Social Media Networks

Best Ruby Gems for Social Networks


Ruby on Rails is one of the best frameworks for the web application development. It is free, time-tested, has an extensive technical support base, and, most importantly, is incredibly easy to use thanks to a clearly defined and standardized syntax that allows creating “clean” and understandable code. However, the basic functionality of Ruby on Rails is not always enough.



Why Do You Need Ruby Gems?


Ruby on Rails includes the Ruby Gems package manager, which allows you to download plugins in a special .gem format from the repository and connect them to your application. Each of the gems is a rational solution to a specific problem. Using them, you can easily implement any functionality of the future web application without much effort and time. The widest selection of Ruby gems designed for both routine and highly specialized tasks is stored in the github.com and rubygems.org repositories.

How to find the right gem? The fact is that the gems format does not imply the criteria for the search. Therefore, as a rule, in their name developers indicate what problems they can solve. Below we have reviewed 10 best Ruby gems, which will certainly help you in developing your own social network media.




10 Ruby Gems Most Useful for Creating Social Networks


A small foreword. When creating any mobile web application with unique or regularly updated information (social networks are just a particular example), it is very important to think about the mechanisms that would make it available on any platform. For this purpose, developers of different social media sites use APIs of well-known services (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), which use the most rational techniques for implementing a particular functionality.


We chose the 10 best Ruby gems that will help you create a truly high-quality social network app.






There are many different gems that will allow supplementing the functionality of your own social network media with various useful capacities in a matter of minutes, literally. Use the above Ruby gems, and they will help you not only to solve the necessary tasks faster, but also provide extensive compatibility with various platforms.

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