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Alex Morgunov

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Miser pays twice, so choose your destiny wisely...

Nowadays, many people often face the problem of web-site building. There are several options that can be used for this process: you may collaborate with a web development company or with a freelancer. Both ways lead to achieving of a new web-site, but the second one is cheaper than the first. Moreover, companies and freelancers are known by their agile software development, that is why every man is likely to think “Why should I pay more for the same services with equal result?”. And they choose freelancer`s services without thinking about quality and probable problems in future.



Advantages of company services


There is a proverb: miser pays twice. And it`s very suitable for this case. Of course, we are likely to get a professional website development for a quite high price. But there is some important distinction with freelancer`s offer: companies guarantee quality of their work for a custom web application development on signing a contract. They provide it thanks to their experienced teams that keep all the working processes clear for customers. Companies are more interested in client`s success because their name costs too much for them.

Most website companies offer so called “turnkey site development options” when a customer formulates a task and then simply accepts the result of the work without going into technical details. Be sure to consider such a proposal – perhaps it will save your own working time, for which you will even have time to earn more than invest in the site.
Another option is when the website company can order the most difficult and responsible part of website development, for example, its technical stuffing and finding competent freelancers for writing texts. However, in this case you will have to monitor the effectiveness of both and periodically resolve the contradictions that arise between them. But this approach is justified in case you work in a narrow professional niche, when the website creators should be only qualified experts.



Collaboration with freelancers


Although, there are some freelancers that do their work honestly, like men that are knowledgeable in professional website development. But firstly it`s necessary to explain a term “freelancer”. It is a supernumerary worker who cooperates with different companies, performing their orders remotely, in most cases, from home. In other words, an independent specialist that agrees to provide services to different customers for a certain fee. A question appears: How to recognize a professional?

A professional freelancer gets his profit from freelancing and therefore attends to his projects seriously, not as to an accidental work-in-progress. There are rare exceptions when an expert is just preparing to leave the employer company and is also extremely interested in successful cooperation, but such cases are a minority.

Freelancer`s portfolio will tell much about him. In addition, as a rule, a professional freelancer will offer a customer to look through the recommendations of his previous clients while a company is already known for its services and there is no use in showing some proofs.

Naturally, the freelancer’s price-list should meet the budget of the customer. Conclusions about the professionalism of a freelancer can also be made from the efficiency, details, and validity of his commercial proposal/bids and the proposed scheme of work. A professional freelancer is never engaged in dumping, offering prices below the average for the market and thus seeking to obtain an order at any cost. All the same, price for a professional freelancer`s service is almost the same as a company requires. Why complicate life searching for a good freelancer (if there are a lot of professional companies)?

One may judge the level of knowledge only by a freelancer`s style of business communication. A professional promptly responds to the requests of potential customers, strives to get maximum information about the project and timing. While there are only real professionals in company staff, collaboration with whom doesn`t cause even a slight suspicion.

Among other things, professional freelancers must be active in their field, communicate in their environment, write thematic blogs and in different ways express their presence on the market and try to be visible against the background of well-known web-companies. If you all the same decide to use freelancer`s services, keep in mind:



Rules for collaboration with freelancers:


Anyway, choosing between a freelancer and a website company rely on your own common sense. A profitable business requires high outlay at first but the result is evident. Remember that the quality given by a company meets the required price.

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