Alex Morgunov

Job Title: VP of Client EngagementAbout the author:

Alex has been working in business development and project management for almost 10 years.

He helps our clients to set clear goals and smoothly meet these goals. As of now, Alex is the VP of Client Engagement.

Favourite Topics:

business development, project planning, project management

After the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide understood that in-house teams are no longer the best way to do business. Now entrepreneurs are using the outsourcing model to maintain their business processes. However, what should you…

#Real Estate 20 min

There was a time when people needed to look for a property in newspapers, and then view the house they liked in person. But that period was gone. Now the modern world provides us with…

#Guides 10 min

It’s hard to believe that less than a decade ago people had to buy and install all the software they needed on their personal computers. The application disks often got lost or ruined. And if…

#Guides 15 min

Nowadays, very few people move from office to office depositing their resumes. The possibility of looking for jobs online has made this process seamless and less time-consuming. Indeed alone has over 200 million resumes. This…

#Guides 16 min

45% of customers are likely to check Yelp reviews before visiting a business. Customers can check reviews almost for everything—from restaurants to auto services. Gaining more and more trust, Yelp helps people find better services…

#Tech 18 min

The impact of even a single error or bug slipping after the product release can be catastrophic. Sure, companies invest heavily in quality assurance and testing. But what else can you do to release your…

#Guides 14 min

Traditional banks are well known for their lengthy queues and neverending bureaucracy. Unlike these banks, online mobile banking allows customers to open new accounts, perform transactions, and do many other banking actions online, within seconds. …

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      Alex, VP of Client Engagement