Alex Morgunov

Alex Morgunov
Job Title: Project LeadAbout the author:

Alex has been working in business development and project management for almost 10 years.


He helps our client to set clear goals and smoothly meet these goals.

Favourite Topics:

business development, project planning, project management

#Tech 15 min

Once upon a time, we met one of our startup clients who had lots of issues with the code structure and architecture. Our team analyzed their code. During the code audit it appeared that the…

14 min

Traditional banks are well known for their lengthy queues and neverending bureaucracy. Unlike these banks, online banking allows customers to open new accounts, perform transactions, and perform many other banking actions online, within seconds. That’s…

14 min

Imagine yourself having an idea of a startup. Or desire to scale your current business. Or maybe check whether your development team delivers the tasks in time. Any business is a complex system. Sometimes vendors…

23 min

Best Ways to Scale a Startup or Business Successfully: Tips, Challenges, Experience Your dream project is no longer just an idea. It’s a reality now. You’ve successfully launched your product and it is gradually growing….

19 min

Think about the things you use on a daily basis. It could be chairs, clothes, smartphones, or even websites like Airbnb, whatever. What do they have in common? All these things were just ideas some…

11 min

Outsource development is trendy nowadays: lots of companies prefer to save their development costs and find a remote team rather than spend on in-house development. According to the statistics, the outsourcing countries’ market is expected…

#Sloboda 1 min

There are a lot of development companies out there, but how many of them can truthfully say that they’re familiar with emerging technologies?  Here at Sloboda Studio, we can confidently say that we know the…

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