Victor Rak

Job Title: Web DeveloperAbout the author:

Viktor is one of the leading web developers in Sloboda Studio and a really cool guy.

After graduating from the university, Viktor used to volunteer in Ruby on Rails girls community and helped girls to learn RoR.

Favourite Topics:

Technologies, client guides, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, QA, Manual Testing

#Tech 8 min

Well, any Ruby on Rails criticism, prejudice, myths or other urban legends will be brought out in the open here. Enjoy! Let’s look at the top 10 Ruby on Rails criticisms. 1) Ruby on Rails…

#Tech 7 min

In the fight of two’s, only one can win.  Who would it be: PHP or Ruby? Ruby and PHP programming languages have been competitors since day one of their first appearances. Since then, the fight…

#Tech 6 min

Do you love Christmas gifts? Just wait for the 2020 winter holidays! 2020 will be a big year for the whole Ruby community. The Ruby founders have a really great present in store for us…

#Tech 8 min

  Web scraping is a popular method of automatically collecting the information from different websites. It allows you to quickly obtain the data without the necessity to browse through the numerous pages and copy and…

#Tech 8 min

There are some things that never change but only get better with time. Well, this is what Ruby on Rails is. Truly, one of the classics. Some start-uppers like to choose hype languages and frameworks,…

#Tech 9 min

  Having a development team working on your website is great. They can manage things, write impressive code, and make your site unique. Yet sometimes, it makes a project complicated. This happens especially when your website…

#Tech 9 min

  Why is Ruby on Rails the best choice for web development? Rails is a pretty popular development environment, which is considered among the most practical. RoR is suitable for teams of varying size –…

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