Headquarters: South Florida, USA

Industry: Food and Beverages

Product: web application

The scope of our work: back-end/front-end

Solutions: MVP

Web site:

Simplecater is a web application for the food delivery industry. It serves as a middleman between restaurants and companies/individuals that wish to order food online. Simplecater’s customers can review different cuisines and order a set of products or dishes by specifying their taste and order preferences.

client’s goals

The client wanted to add new features to the already existing MVP and to launch the online food platform.   

our solutions

User Flow

1. On SimpleCater’s website, a customer makes a request to sign up by filling in the required fields, such as name, email and phone number. 


2. Next, an administrator registers a customer on the Simple Cater platform.


3. After receiving a login and password, a client can log in into his/her own user account and make an official request for food delivery by specifying his/her order preferences – the type of cuisine, type of dish/product, and special taste requirements. For instance, possible allergies and budget limitations (i.e. the maximum sum of money that a customer is willing to spend on this particular food delivery) may fall under the order preference category.

4. Then, the customer’s request is sent to the administrator. The administrator sends a number of available variants matching the specified preferences from different restaurants. These variants provide detailed information, like the name of the restaurant, the address for food delivery, the number of ordered products/dishes and the total price of the order.


5. A client confirms one of the received menu variants and then the payment is processed through the Stripe payment system.

Main features

Calculation of statistics on orders and invoices in different time periods

An administrator can count the statistics on issued orders and invoices for the day/month/ year. The margin can also be calculated for the same periods of time.

Report generation in CSV

All necessary data on orders made for any period of time is selected, saved in CSV. This data can later be used for analytics or exported to analytical applications/services.

A system of creating order preferences based on such data: 

client order requests and history

restaurant info

restaurant proximity

restaurant reviews and ratings

other variables

project stages

1. Preparation work

Doing research on the project

Setting up the environment

Getting deployment configuration ready

2. Abilities for administrators to:

View overall stats on orders, invoices, requests and deliveries

Generate CSV reports on orders and invoices

Create menus or set of products according to customer’s  food preferences, date of delivery and cost limitations

3. Abilities for clients to:

Make a request for ‘singing up’

Insert name, address, food preferences, and date of delivery into a contact form

View the suggested menu variants or products sent by the administrator

Make an order after choosing the suitable menu variants

Pay for the order via a credit card through the integrated payment solution: Stripe

4. Building configurations to:

Create price estimates

Set up staff notifications

Fix bugs




Nov 2018 now


1 Back-end | 2 Front-end
Project Results

By building an MVP, Sloboda Studio has created a SimpleCater food delivery platform with all the necessary functionality:

  • Different profiles for administrators and customers
  • Integrated Stripe payment system 
  • Ability to create suggested menu variants 

Sloboda Studio has already released the Public Beta.

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