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Fun and Weird Ruby on Rails projects

Updated: 5/19/2023
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Ruby programming language was born in 1995. Its Rails framework was released 10 years later.

Has anyone counted how many projects were written in all that time? Rails is primarily a startup technology and there are numerous innovative, profitable, unusual, fun and even crazy projects on Rails.

Talking about Ruby and Rails, people like to mention projects like Airbnb or Clarity.fm. But we decided to walk the other road and tell you about some Ruby projects that are fun and weird instead.

1. Mend

At least once in our life, almost everyone has gone through a breakup. And we all know that this is not easy… well, it wasn’t easy in those days. But today, Mend knows how to deal with a broken heart! Audio training courses, a specialized self-care log, community support, and even a progress tracker. This application has everything you need to “get over your ex”, and it never gets sick of hearing about your breakup.

2. Resemble.ai

Well, we all know the famous voice of Google-assistant, but why use it for your project, when you can have your own unique AI-voice to assist you with customer support or marketing?

The guys from Resemble.ai can give you this solution. All you need is to describe your project, so the Resemble.ai team can personalize the most suitable voice for you. Your AI voice is going to be totally unique – no one else will own the same.

3. Get Miles

“Every move you make. Every step you take. I’ll be watching you…” But not that creepy, and it’s pretty profitable. Get Miles rewards you for every mile you pass either by bus, train, car, bicycle or on your own two feet.

Gain miles just from your everyday journeys and redeem them for coffees, free car rentals or 50% discounts.

4. Meal Box

We all love outlets, but food outlets sound kind of…stale. It used to be so. Each day, people waste tons of food. At the same time, other people are food insecure. Meal Box changes the play – while you are getting meals at 50% off the original price, someone in need receives one meal for free. 

Now, you can enjoy your food, even more, knowing you not only saved money but also helped the hungry. Everyone wins.

5. Book Street Artist

Street artists go digital and off the street. This online marketplace aims to empower artistic talent and make it universally accessible. On this marketplace, everyone can easily find and book any kind of artist for any occasion. 

Find a musician for your wedding day, a graffitist for your kid’s birthday or even a fire-performer for your corporate party. Street artists create a special atmosphere and you can enjoy it wherever you want.

6. Movies Kits (Currently Unavailable)

Lots of people dream of being a movie star as a kid.

Movies Kits founders probably used to dream about it, too.

Movies Kits app will make you feel like a filmmaker just using your handy. Movie Kits allows you to edit scripts, learn filmmaking techniques and recreate Hollywood scenes!

7. AdiaHealth

Planning on pregnancy? Scared of doctors? Need to learn more about your reproductive health? 

For girls only: an application to check and improve your fertility health. Developed together with doctors, AdiaHealth provides women with blog posts, free meditation guides, consultations with experts and even an at-home finger-prick fertility blood test.

Even cooler than storks!

8. Blue Bird Tech

Well, this app isn’t really fun or weird, but it’s exclusively useful as it provides support for people with chronic mental disorders.

Blue Bird Tech creates mobile applications that help patients manage symptoms, prevent crises, or create a personal safety plan to deal with the crisis however it happens.

9. Scrapo

Plastic is unsafe. The environment is precious. Scrapo brings recycling to another level: a marketplace designed for trading recyclable plastics.

You can buy or sell any type of recycled plastic on Scrapo. It is simple and convenient, so why not help our planet by developing your business?

And when it comes to marketplaces, Rails is precious.

10. Lumosity

Did you like logical games as a kid? No? Or maybe you just forgot about them? Lumosity offers you cognitive games to train your memory, attention, flexibility, and even math.

The service determines your level and then offers a personal training program for your brain. You can even compare your results with others to make the games more competitive.

11. Funny or Die

Matching Hawaiian shirts for yourself and your pet.

Humans dressed as T. Rex’s racing.

Or maybe some French bulldog gremlins breaking into green food coloring?

There is much more news that you didn’t even know you needed in your life. What an excellent cure whenever you get sad or bored. But be careful, you can get stuck in there!

12. Routine Daily 

Imagine if your skin had a diary. What would it tell about? Maybe about your daily skincare routine, best moisturizing products, decorative cosmetics or makeup life hacks. Hard to imagine? Go visit the Routine Daily website, then, it has plenty of such skincare stories. 

Moreover, if you have something to say or ask about your skincare routine, RD is a useful platform with a helpful community.

12. Voro

That wicked problem of choosing a doctor! Everyone is trying to solve this from time to time. Most people prefer to rely on feedback.

But whom would you trust more – some random people or your friend’s advice? If you are not a risky person, you will probably listen to someone you know, wouldn’t you?

At Voro, you can choose a doctor that has positive feedback from your acquaintances. You can also share your own recommendations. Truly a win-win situation for qualified doctors and your own wellbeing.

13. Kaia

Sitting all day? Having a bad back? Sitting again and suffering even more?

You need to relieve your back pain and Kaia is a digital expert in it.

Kaia Health is a multimodal therapy platform with psychological and educational elements involving physical exercises to relieve back pain. With this application, it is possible to make a back healthier in just a few minutes and wherever you are.

Users can also create personalized therapy plans with the most suitable exercises for back pain relief.

Finding Ideas for Ruby on Rails Projects

Start by identifying problems, exploring existing applications, targeting local businesses or niche communities, building a portfolio project, collaborating, and brainstorming. Just make sure to choose an idea that aligns with your interests so that you can showcase your skills effectively.

Check out: What is RoR used for?

There are so many projects that can be built with Ruby and Rails.

And the question isn’t about the weirdness, it is about convenience, speed, and flexibility.

That’s why we love Ruby.

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