What encourages European Startups to work with us

Alex Morgunov

Alex Morgunov

Project Lead

What holds European Startups to works with us

Startups face many challenges that vary depending on the specific business, but in reality, there are 3 indispensable factors of startup success and how to range these three factors depends on individual. They are:

If you are looking for a great team that will share your passion and help you achieve your goals, you’ve come to the right place. And here’s why!

1. We have access to the enormous pool of tech talent.

Kharkiv is famous for its grand scientific traditions and bright researchers.

There are 92 universities in the city, complemented by the numerous private higher educational institutions and postgraduate courses for those willing to become qualified IT specialists. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is still an important part of the secondary school education in Ukraine, so the number of talented youth is growing every day. In 2016 Kharkiv IT specialists make 40% of the whole IT outsourcing capacity of Ukraine. The city has a rich IT environment favourable for breeding new talents, nurturing professional growth, and facilitating dissemination of new technologies, expertise and knowledge.

2. We developed a thorough multilevel selection and recruiting procedure.


3. Assesment as special motivation system for our developers

We elaborated, introduced and conducted our own complex evaluation procedures to grade our developers and review their salary. The process enhanced their motivation and showed them ways to improve their skills. Now we take new steps to perfect our procedures and make the evaluation even more accurate.

4.We are trying to be perfect: Case

Building a startup often resembles walking on quicksand: a lot of things may change suddenly, depending on investor requirements, customers’ feedback or anything else. As many tech entrepreneurs know, there’s a lot of pressure to move quickly and beat the competition. Based on our experience with the European startups, we are absolutely ready to any of such surprises. While we try to think about possible rapid changes beforehand, our team is always happy to give you a helping hand, coming up with an efficient solution that relieves your pain.

For instance, due to the new brand policy and customers feedbacks, we had to change the front-end and some parts of Skiwo (now TikkTalk) (based in Oslo) project, and did it successfully. The most common problem we faced so far was scaling up an application that was coded by other developers. Thus, we had to provide a quick and successful scaling-up solution for CityFALCON (based in London), and we were able to pass the Brexit test, when the number of DB records rapidly grew by 6 million within several days and our product processed 100 articles per 1 second.

To maintain our flexibility, we use Agile practices, adopting ourselves to the clients requirements. Thus, for one of our projects (TikkTalk), together with our client Gautam Chandna, we elaborated a special system that facilitates tracking project progress.

Points in workflow:

The team creates a shared folder with several folders in Dropbox or Google Drive:

  1.    Weekly meetings.
  2.    Key meetings.
  3.    Features.
  4.    Deliveries.


Folder Description
Weekly meetings Here we put files containing dates of meeting, main things that were discussed and the decisions that were made during it.
Key meetings Here we put only the key meetings. That means that here we put meetings where were made key decisions about features, releases, new ideas, high priority news and etc.
Feature Here we put a file which contains date, a feature with full descriptions of it, user scenario, link and approximate date of release.
Deliveries Here we put a file with the date, features, details and links that are already deployed to production.

An example below of folders list:


An example of files inside Weekly meetings folder:


We make updates to the folders after every meeting and ask for the approval from the both sides to avoid misunderstandings.

That folder structure is to be created by the Project Manager

Access to the shared folder will be provided to

This makes our partnership more:


Эффективное совещание


They say prevention is the best remedy, so our business analysts do their best to pinpoint possible troubles before we face them. In the beginning of each project, we study the business of our client, get familiar with its peculiarities to diagnose the project for possible pitfalls (like probs with scaling up).

Thus, for MyPassPro (based in Paris) project we prepared the architecture that contains no hard code, and now we can add any new feature 2-3 times faster than before. It also helped us get ready for the scaling up.

6. Our customers success

The word ‘Sloboda’ in our company name means ‘a place where people are free. Allow us to have freedom and creativity, and we will come with the best remedy for your pain, we will free you from daily routine, so that you can focus on searching for investors, scaling up your enterprise and dealing with other important business issues.

We treat our customers like our partners, and that approach has proved to be very fruitful. Here are some of the current results.



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