Yaroslav Titenok

Job Title: CEO of Sloboda StudioAbout the author:

Yaroslav had an amazing career ladder in our company-from web developer to CEO of Sloboda Studio.

His motto is “Even rocket science is not rocket science”

Yar is a Master of Physical Sciences and a big fan of the Medtech industry.

Favourite Topics:

tech tricks, payment integrations, machine learning, medtech, biotech

  While working at a startup, one may face the desire to completely rewrite its code. Such a situation may occur in the projects that have already released an MVP and received investments. They have…

Artificial intelligence has fascinated the human imagination since the times this term started appearing in sci-fi books. Computer science is developing rapidly, and nowadays intelligent computers are no longer fiction — they are the reality….

#Tech 11 min

  Software testing is the process of checking the workflow of an application in order to compare its expected behavior to its actual behavior. It’s an inseparable part of the development process that helps to…

#Tech 6 min

Cloud computing is being increasingly frequently put to use for the deployment of software products. It gives organizations an opportunity to rapidly launch new solutions and develop them for the sake of satisfying their business…

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a trend of computer science aimed at training the computer to perceive and generate human language directly, without transforming it into computer algorithms. We have described the basic concepts and…

#Guides 9 min

Bitcoin was invented in 2009. However, for several years it was unlikely to become a powerful financial instrument. Only a few people were interested in blockchain technologies, considering Bitcoin to be the currency of the…

#Guides 9 min

  Several years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto developed the blockchain and Bitcoin. Nakamoto left Bitcoin in 2010; however, his project is still going strong. Nowadays, it is obvious that Bitcoin is not the only possible cryptocurrency,…

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