Power BI Research: improving healthcare in Europe

Our health is our wealth. Apart from being the key to one’s happiness and well-being, health contributes to our productivity, economic progress, and longer lives.

We thought: “What if we can analyze the healthcare policy and mortality trend?”

So we chose to conduct a healthcare market research and analyze the mortality trend statistics in Europe; along with this, we used machine learning for healthcare.

There is historical data of past years, so there is a chance to lower this indicator for the present time – for example, by paying special attention to groups with a high death rate. No need wondering how to make a decision tree for such research – keep on reading!

client’s goals

The main goal was to analyze the mortality statistics for the past years and determine the causes of death. We aimed to apply business intelligence for the healthcare industry and make research in different gender and age groups. We were looking for this information, as far as it is possible to improve healthcare and lower the mortality by paying special attention to the risk groups.


project stages

1. Data collecting

Data gathering and preparing

Data clearing

2. Data modelling

Creating the visualization

3. Testing

Machine learning testing

4. Web publishing

Creating the decision tree based on these data

Coefficient calculation


Tools (hosting, monitoring etc.)
Power BI




1 machine learning developer
Project Results
  • Our visualization showed the mortality per 100,000 people in Europe, so we were able to determine which countries need reforms and measures to reduce this indicator. Among these are CIS countries, Malta, Romania, Latvia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary.
  • The statistics showed that the issue of diabetes is an important and relevant topic of healthcare.
  • The decision tree in machine learning helps to simulate the mortality rate per 100,000 people by selecting a country.
  • Cause-of-death statistics help health authorities to determine the focus of their public health actions – for instance, starting a vigorous program to prevent particular illnesses.

Business intelligence software for healthcare (Power BI) technologies are popular and widely used in business and social researches. You can use these instruments for any statistical tasks. Our Health BI Study only proves that the Power BI instruments and machine learning in healthcare are perfect for any kind of such data analytics.

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