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Dominate the Real Estate Industry Using Marketing Automation in 2023

Updated: 9/11/2023
, Founder of Sloboda Studio

In 2023, there are more than 2 million real estate agents in the USA, and not all of them use real estate marketing automation.

Craig Eaton, the owner of Eaton Realty, believed that the real estate company could stay in trends without real estate marketing automation. However, while his competitors went up, Craig had a constant customer outflow. 

After he integrated real estate marketing automation, Eaton Realty processed over 500 leads in the first month. This would have taken the full-time work of several agents and the effect might have been lower.

This was one of the best examples of how real estate marketing automation can save business costs and have a positive impact on processes.

Below, we look into real estate automation, both marketing and business.

4 Top Tools for Automating Your Real Estate Marketing Processes

The real estate marketing automation tools are the best choice for building trust between buyers and sellers, identifying properties, and attracting new leads. There are four types of software that make the RE marketing process as efficient as possible:

  1. Real estate CRM
  2. Ad management
  3. Customer experience
  4. Lead nurturing

Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is used by various RE companies or single agents (small, middle, and large) that helps to regulate relationships between clients and businesses.

property CRM

Source: MartechZone, SuperOffice, Sloboda Studio, FinancesOnline

CRM helps to automate different marketing activities and processes:

Marketing Channels Automation

Marketing channels are various media platforms that you use to communicate with your target audience. 

When deciding on marketing channels, a real estate business should be based on an understanding of its audience and its values. 

By combining your landing pages and website forms with the real estate CRM software, you can get complete information about the clients.

It works as a single system which:

1) Automatically saves information about your clients in a database 

2) Segments information based on:

  • Location and time-spending period
  • Activities on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Decision-making speed before the request, and more

In this case, a real estate CRM helps in gathering leads from different marketing and social media channels on one platform.

crm for property

Examples: HubSpot, Zillow Premier Agent, Agile CRM, Steak CRM, Follow Up Boss, etc.

Email Marketing Automation

In 2021, emails are still trusted media sources of communication for customers since 93% of real estate agents prefer to communicate with clients by email.

To date, the most effective lead generation marketing method is sending email messages. 

The automatic real estate marketing package can perform the following functions:

  • Create a series of scheduled marketing emails
  • Send personalized subscription email notifications to leads 
  • Adapt mailing lists to lead segments and preferences.

Many lead generation marketing tools on the market can automatically send personalized voicemails, text messages, and email campaigns to the leads. 

Examples: IXACT Contact, B2B Bricks, DoorLoop, SEO Samba 

Warming Up Leads with Marketing Automation Tools

Real estate companies or single agents receive a large number of leads from various sources. The main marketing goal of the business is to turn a lead into a client. For marketing teams, warming up leads is crucial.

Real estate CRM will be able to set up a personalized lead warm-up with the help of automated: 

  • Welcome letters 
  • Letters with viewed property objects  
  • File information sharing

Examples: Homesnap, Slack, Grasshopper

Customer Action Response and Requests Marketing Automation

88% of customers expect an email response from brands within one hour. That is too long. 

The waiting time for a response should be minimal.

Marketing automation will often reduce the waiting time for your property clients.

Marketing automation programs tend to improve the time from the first interaction. When a consumer clicks on a banner, lead response automation immediately sends a message. It’s done without a time-spending effect. A CRM can send scheduled pre-written marketing messages. It will be a great idea to send them in a few minutes. It makes waiting time more natural for media communication. So, sales will be faster.

Examples: Follow Up Boss, Response, etc.

Lead Management and Lead Segmentation Marketing Automation

Aberdeen’s study shows that 71% of businesses in different industries (RE included) had used lead management technology in some way. They also used automated lead segmentation marketing tools to track lead behavior.

Lead management and segmentation marketing program has three main features:

  • Managing and distributing leads
  • Nurturing potential leads
  • Analytics and reporting marketing

Also, real estate companies and agents can find these functions in:

  • Communication and cooperation marketing information tools
  • CRM
  • Lead generation marketing

Examples: Claritysoft, Freshsales, Leadsbridge, vtenext, Naranga

Lead Engagement Marketing Automation

Customer engagement influences the effectiveness of the marketing process and sales.

In fact, in a 2020 report, PWC found that the number of companies investing in client engagement marketing automation tools jumped from 20% to more than 80%.

The most popular way to attract clients in 2023 is using AI chatbots.

Chatbots have become more popular to serve as customer service channels. In 2023, chatbots with natural language processing are one of the most influential keys to attracting more clients. 

Chatbots are used primarily to save agents time on their engagement with prospective clients. 

Chatbots can be found in CRMs and integrated with your current website.

Sloboda Studio created CallMeBot for our UK-based client. Right after the project launched, CallMeBot could process up to 5,000 calls daily and perform up to 50 client calls at a time. As a significant result, our client saved money by decreasing their number of cold-calling in-house employees.

Lead Tracking Marketing Automation

Good sales funnel tracking marketing program will give you an accurate picture of what’s going on in your sales funnel. It will also help you keep track of conversations, appointments, email campaigns, lead transitions, and more.

Now the modern CRM is smart, so this up-to-date program evaluates potential leads easily and with a time-saving approach. 

In 2023 CRM systems assist sales teams to focus on:

  • tracking sales through funnels
  • making deals

Communication and Incentives Automation for Future Transactions with Past Clients

Keeping in touch with previous clients is very important. If the cooperation was successful, clients can make a great review as well as return to you with a new information property request.

Automated marketing follow-ups will be a great way to communicate with previous clients. Real estate CRM has an in-built function that can send planned email letters to the leads depending on different filters.

Real Estate Reporting Marketing Automation

Reporting is one of the key aspects of transactions. RE companies determine: 

  • Real estate demand and further income
  • Productivity and performance of agents
  • Customer feedback analysis
  • Prediction and efficiency sales reports, etc.

In addition, understanding business information also helps in making strategic time-saving decisions.

Analysis marketing program allows companies and agents to easily listen to and analyze in real-time lead feedback through different social media channels like Facebook. This type of marketing program includes such vital features like:

  • NPS
  • Data correlation
  • Text analysis based on marketing automation

Some feedback marketing programs can be based on artificial intelligence and use natural language processing capabilities.

Also, collecting feedback can improve the activities of your team. With a CRM that generates automated marketing reports and dashboards, you can quickly view important statistics and determine who would benefit from coaching or upgrades. 

Sloboda Studio has been creating CRM for the real estate business for over 6 years. Our team has gained solid experience in the specifics of real estate digital products.

Today CRM helps real estate businesses to provide:

  1. Real-time access for leads
  2. Workflow tracking and analysis
  3. Centralized client data storage
  4. Effective lead distribution 
  5. Irrelevant leads filters

Real estate businesses get zero lead leakage and the opportunity to automate client emailing through various social channels so that clients are always up to date.

By choosing a custom CRM project, companies will get such benefits like:

  • Custom functionality
  • Feature flexibility
  • Freedom in integrations
  • High-level information security storage

Additionally, RE companies or single agents receive customization and the ability to scale quickly and increase sales. However, if businesses choose custom CRM the building time will be longer. 


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Ad Management Software

17% of people on Facebook follow brands and companies while more than 78% of Americans discover products on Facebook. 

Therefore, advertising on Facebook is more than just an effective tool because it also stores detailed information about its users. 

Today ad management marketing tools include: 

  • Targeting lists that will sync the leads and audience for targeting opportunities
  • Managing ad media email campaigns on different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • ROI and leads analysis from the different social media platforms that display a business’s ads.
  • Leads’ behavior analysis by identifying which contacts took action and engaged with the ads

Modern ad management marketing tools can be easily integrated with CRM and help in determining the most compelling ads.

Examples: Hubspot Ad Management, AdRoll, RollWorks, Influ2

Customer Experience Software

A customer experience marketing system helps real estate companies and agents analyze their marketing strategies. It’s based on user experiences and impressions. The main task of this program is to answer the questions like:

  1. Why leads are dissatisfied and effect the sales
  2. What prevents leads from getting a positive experience
  3. How to help leads and increased sales

In general, using customer experience marketing should increase the company’s conversion rate. There are some key functions as:

  • Event tracking
  • Event statistics
  • Connect funnels to recordings
  • Retention tables
  • Fast-forwarding of a replay

Lead Satisfaction and Experience Marketing Automation

Lead satisfaction and customer experience marketing program is an online system that fosters collaboration within the marketing team. 

Real estate companies or agents can use tagging, add private notes, appoint lead assignments to specific team members, and create canned responses. To ensure the highest level of security, the operating process encrypts data with a specific SSL protocol. 

Customer experience marketing programs can also provide built-in desk analytics reporting systems and lead management functionality.

Examples: SmartLook, SurveyLegend, TeamSupport, HelpDesk, Response, Custify

Lead Nurturing Software

Lead nurturing is the process of interacting with the lead in each funnel stage. It consists of sending relevant and timely marketing email letters to the right leads to guide them down the funnel.

RE companies or agents can nurture their leads through automated marketing workflows and drip email marketing tools. 

Examples: Brivity, Mailchimp

A solid open house marketing program lets businesses easily promote the open house as well as automatically follow up with potential buyers afterward. RE companies and agents can collect the emails of everyone who visits the website. Then lead nurturing for marketing send automated follow-up emails later. It also provides real-time reporting about the lead nurturing process.

Examples: Spacio, Kagent, Kleard

Real Estate Automation of Business Processes

Real estate business automation is a way of transferring the day-to-day experts’ tasks to automated systems. 

They can take orders, make settlements, generate and issue invoices, maintain document flow, etc. By using business automation, companies can reduce costs and time. Facilitating experts’ routines should be the highest priority. 

We have selected the most vital tools suitable to achieve various business goals.

Automated Task List Creation

A real estate task management business system will help to prevent getting lost in multitasking while also organizing a variety of marketing team processes.

Automated task lists include such crucial options like:

  • Managing listings
  • Data entry
  • Setting up meetings, open houses, and appraisals with prospects
  • Completing, submitting, and filing documents, agreements, and lease records
  • Building weekly, monthly and quarterly business budgets
  • Researching and compiling comparative market business analysis reports for properties
  • Responding to emails and phone calls
  • Checking sales
  • Reminders for offline events and closing deals.

Examples: Trello, LiveChat, Autopilot, Notion, Nifty

Automated Critical Notifications

Critical notifications are an opportunity to notify everyone about some business events that are undesirable to miss.

There are two types of real estate business programs that make critical notifications:

  • Emergency notification
  • Home inspection

Emergency notification is a specific notification and crisis management solution that helps property businesses to send rime-saving alerts from anywhere and communicates two-way in real-time. The critical event management features help clients to remain informed everywhere about different attacks and businesses safe and protected during unexpected from time to time problems.

Examples: RedFlag, KONEXUS, BrokerMint

Cash Flow and Accounting Automation

With the help of real estate accounting, it’s easy to take financial control and establish high-quality work for the sales department. Here are some of the ways that accounting automation can benefit RE companies and single agents today.

Using cloud system RE accounting business system connects companies and agents with such necessary services like:

  • Bank
  • Business accountant
  • Bookkeepers

Using cash flow and accounting tools for sales, entrepreneurs can also track such vital options like:

  • Pay bills
  • Claim business expenses
  • Bank connections
  • In-progress projects and last sales
  • Contact
  • Capture data
  • Accept payments, etc.

Examples: Xero, BrokerSumo, Beaver, Buildium

Make sure that the RE website is synchronized with your other leading tools, such as CRM or accounting. Then the contacts will be up to date everywhere.

Real estate cash management business system automates:

  • Accounts receivable from invoicing
  • Follow up
  • Collection
  • Reconciliation

It happens without changing your current process because this type of business program integrates directly with the accounting program. It’s helpful and time-saving as there is no new process to learn, just keep the existing payments processor. 

Examples: Biller Genia, CAFLOU, Scoro, Float 

Property Management Automation

Property management business solutions help RE companies and agents from managing payments to the management of contracts and insurance.

With the real estate property management system, companies remain aware of everything happening at each property whether your business manages just a few properties or one hundred.

Businesses increase their client base, it becomes necessary to increase the volume and quality control of the services provided.

Real estate management business solutions offer:

  • Centralized document repository
  • App integration and verification
  • Dedicated portal for owners to create, modify and perform different business activities
  • Managing tenants with multiple properties without leaving the office
  • Secure payment gateway 

Therefore, it is vital not to forget to carry out automation in such crucial areas like:

  • Property inspection
  • Agent availability
  • Analytics engagement and performance

The real estate property management business system has ten cost-saving features:

RE property management system

Examples: DoorLoop, Condo Manager, and PropertyDirector, Innago, Property Manager Cloud

Sloboda Studio has experience in creating property management systems.

Our German client needed to automate the whole process of managing multiple properties, centralizing data storage, and creating a seamless communication channel for clients. It was a custom development, we were able to add a lot of custom functionality such as the manual property vacancy postings feature. 

After the system launched, the product got positive feedback from its tenants and increased the lead conversion rate.

Want to build a Real Estate PMS?

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Contract Management Automation

A real estate transaction management business system can save you a lot of time on business contract management between agents and clients.

It’s a good idea to speed up the sending of business contracts and their signing. In this way, you will be able to store business documents in a single system without the possibility of losing something.

Examples: Dotloop, iBroker, Skyslope

Custom Real Estate Marketing Automation Solution

If your real estate business needs custom functionality, feature flexibility, freedom in integrations, and data security stored, choose the custom centralized solutions. 

Custom RE marketing solution is a platform that is built from scratch.

By building this type of solution, the business gets huge customization and scalability. 

Whether marketing, selling an existing property or finding the proper space for a tenant lease, an automated marketing solution adds value to each transaction. It’s only possible by utilizing expertise and market knowledge to create and executing a tailored plan for each client and property. So, using real estate marketing automated tools will be essential for sales.

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Real estate marketing automation is the process of implementing technologies into marketing, which boosts sales, significantly reduces effort, and saves marketers time.

The real estate marketing software can help with:

  • Lead identification 
  • Lead categorization 
  • Email marketing campaigns 
  • Lead engagement 
  • Ad creation and running 
  • Website activity and its behavior
  • Marketing and sales analysis
  • Sales and cash flow prediction 

The Key Benefits of Implementing Real Estate Marketing Automation

85% of companies (including the real estate sector) have accelerated their digital transformation in 2020. Over 67% of them have directed their focus on marketing automation. 

RE marketing automation satisfaction level

Source: Statista, Hubspot, Soft Advice

The digital media marketing channels growth as the main source of lead generation is changing the media industry. 

Lead generation marketing remains a challenging task. However, marketing automation tools can assist real estate businesses.

At the end of 2020, over 68% of marketers used marketing automation for: 

  • Improving their marketing process speed
  • Developing a clear marketing system for tracking potential leads 
  • Creating accuracy in the marketing and sales process
  • Serving more leads 
  • Reducing marketing paperwork
how marketing automation helps RE businesses

Source: FinancesOnline, Statista, Facebook, Oberlo, Automizy, MediaZone


By the end of 2021, 7.1 million houses were sold in the USA. It was a record never seen before in the market. 

By automating the real estate marketing processes, entrepreneurs receive accelerated feedback and reduce the time from the first interaction with leads to closing the deal.


Before 2015, RE companies and single agents actively used Excel, GoogleDocs, or private blog to track their leads manually. It was a long process to clear everything up but now things have changed. So, time is crucial.

Using real estate marketing automation helps to develop a clear system for tracking potential leads.


Handling data sets manually is a painstaking process with much information. Often this monotonous work leads to the inclusion of natural human errors.

Marketing automation will help avoid mistakes during manual data entry. It also directs client questions to the right person and team. It’s crucial especially while communicating through social media platforms. There’s no confusion over who handles what information and the conversion process increases up to 36%.


Over 92% of customers are looking for a property on the Internet and perform 11 search queries on 4-5 real estate websites. 

Marketing automation helps agents to serve more leads and processes requests that are more relevant. It also helps to contact previously unconnected leads when they come to the social media platform using cookies, which will be an excellent incentive for profit growth.

Less Paperwork

Marketing automation will enable marketers and agents to efficiently manage the bulk of paperwork that used to be time-consuming.

There are many marketing agreements, contracts, and other official documents that arise in the property industry. Tracking them can become a challenging task.

The proposal management program automates the document flow, makes it easy to exchange documents with the clients, and includes an electronic signature function.

When choosing marketing automation, pay attention to the ones that are integrated with the customer database and pre-fill the fields in the contract with the information you already possess.


The modern media world creates the most comfortable conditions for real estate businesses in terms of automation of marketing and sales processes. It is no longer necessary to spend time on:

  • Manual counting
  • Collecting an extensive number of documents
  • Managing the fear of losing leads

There are 5 marketing tools and software that can help in automating real estate businesses:

  1. Real estate CRM
  2. Ad management
  3. Customer experience
  4. Lead nurturing
  5. Property management.

Sloboda Studio actively implements custom marketing automation tools for the specific needs of any real estate business.

Book a free consultation on your real estate product automation.

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