Olga Iakubovska

Job Title: Senior Project ManagerAbout the author:

Olga says that she treats her project as babies. And that is 100% true-she is indeed a dream manager.

She has got a Masters Degree in Automation System from one of the best technical universities in Ukraine.

Favourite Topics:

product development, project management, idea validation, online marketplaces

First, you realize that you need a couple of developers. Or maybe a whole team, for your software development. Then you catch yourself thinking of how much you’re going to have to spend on in-house…

Online marketplaces have been hyped for more than a decade. New marketplaces launch and new features become trendy. Video calling is one of those trendy features so far. And needless to say, it is still…

#Guides 8 min

Let’s face it – the majority of businesses are all about making a profit. Nowadays, in the USA 28% of payments are made with eWallets, 52% – with credit and debit cards, and only 17%…

#Guides 13 min

Everyone must plant an idea, build a web app, and grow traction. Kidding. But it seems you’ve got a big idea for your dream app. That’s a start. And here most of our customers ask:…

You did it! Months of hard work, planning, developing, and finally getting your early users and first traction. But how exactly did you get here?  Well, it all started with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)….

Dirty socks, unwashed dishes and food leftovers.  Some may see it as a horror movie, however, some entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity. Helpling has raised $95M and has $21M of the estimated annual revenue….

#Guides 7 min

Remote development is trending. Imagine: there’s no need to take care of hiring developers, your remote team will do everything for you.  And your future team should be…professional? Experienced? Sometimes this is not enough.  Many have…

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